I could get with a cute, themed-baby nursery, but personally, I’m more drawn to a baby’s room that’s more sophisticated. I would prefer a room that features neutral colors and furniture that is adult-friendly and grows with the child. When I have my own kids, I would definitely be looking for furniture that could be moved from my child’s nursery to another room when I want to refresh a space. This design board features items that are just that.

The crib chosen is convertible and all the furniture and accessories can grow with a child and can even be moved into another room, like your living room. The paint is a neutral color and the chandelier would look great in a luxurious bathroom or dining space.

In this glamorous nursery design board, I’m mixing a lot of patterns, but many resemble each other with a sort-of trellis design.

The color scheme is gray, pink, and taupe, with small pops of mint green…

modern glamour baby nursery moodboard 8 10 11 / 12 13 / 14

So tell me, what do you think of this moodboard? Do you like the themed nurseries? Or would you rather a more neutral space that can grow with your child?

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14 comments on “A Feminine, Modern Glamorous Nursery Design Board”

  1. I think this is a beautiful room, it would not ‘fit’ in my home and all my kids are grown, plus they are boys. LOL
    However, I always wanted a pink fancy nursery. I love the dresser and would use it myself.
    Spatulas On Parade

    • Thanks Dawn!
      For me, it’s important to use furniture in a nursery that would grow not just with the child, but with the “family”. Meaning, the pieces could be moved anywhere around the house, not just a little toddler or teen’s room. So, when designing nurseries, I’m looking for furniture that fits the bill, gender neutral (for the most part) and “family” friendly.


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