In order to have a comfortable, functional living room, your furniture arrangement needs to be carefully planned. You may want to place furniture where you think it looks good, but it’s important that each piece is placed so that arrangement helps make the space more functional. For example, if your living room is used for watching TV, then your seating area should be placed to face the screen. If the main function of your living room is for conversation, then furniture should be placed in groupings to facilitate communication and maximize interaction.

Also, the furniture arrangement may need to accommodate free movement or circulation from one room to another.

Here’s the most common furniture arrangements used in living rooms:

  • Parallel Arrangement: great for emphasizing a focal point, like a TV or fireplace. I really like this arrangement because it’s open on two sides for people to move through. This arrangement is also great for conversation, because the furniture pieces face each other. Great for minimalist living rooms!


  • L-shaped Arrangement: When two seating pieces are placed at right angles to each other. The L shape could be formed with two sofas, two chairs and a table, or as simple as a small chair placed at a right angle to a sofa. A L-shaped sectional can also be considered a “furniture arrangement”. Because of the angle of the arrangement, some people consider this layout even more comfortable for conversation than the parallel arrangement. Great for small rooms!!


  • U-shaped Arrangement: an extension of the L-shaped arrangment and can be formed by adding additional seating, like a chair, sofa, or loveseat to the L. Great for large spaces!
  • Box-shaped Arrangment: formed by adding additional furniture pieces to the U-shape arrangement to partially close the opening. I believe this is the best way to maximize conversation among users, because it’s both a combination of the parallel and L-shaped arrangements and provides loads of seating for extended guests or big families. The downside to this arrangment is that it is less open than the other arrangements. Great for big families or large living rooms!

So what furniture arrangement works best for you and why? What layout is currently in your living room? Be sure to drop a comment and let me know!

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