I’m on the Anthropologie email list and when I opened up an email from the last week, I was so inspired by this image below, that I just HAD to create a decor board…

Anthropologie Pink Blouse and White Pants with Green and White Bird Wallpaper in the Background

via Anthropologie

I love the colors of the pink and white outfit paired with the green and cream bird/floral wallpaper. The wallpaper provides a beautiful contrast and together the look is very serene, feminine, nature-like, and even a bit rustic.

Pink and Green Design Board Inspired by Anthropologie Outfit


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I don’t use green often, so this decor board was a fun challenge for me. I wanted the style to be eclectic so I used a variety of pattern, textures, and styles. The chandelier, bonsai tree, floral chair, and tree artwork all create a whimsical idea of nature and I kept the color scheme simple with soft pinks and deep greens.

So… what do you think? Could you picture this as your bedroom? Was I successful at creating a serene, feminine decor board with a nature vibe? Please chime in and drop a comment below!!

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