How to Add Glamour into a Space

I love glamorous spaces. In fact, I love them so much that I have a Pinterest board dedicated to them. A space the evokes a glamorous mood is one that looks tough to create. There are shiny surfaces, rich finishes, texture, and luxe furnishings. The space looks super expensive, but here’s a secret: you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get this look.

Glamorous spaces have a lot of sparkly accessories and reflective surfaces. The look is reminiscent of the Old Hollywood era, but can be easily updated with the right touches. Glamorous spaces are bold and intriguing. These spaces feature ornate decorative items and various textures. Think Marilyn Monroe, Aubrey Hepburn, and Dorothy Dandridge. Picture what you think their homes look like.

glamorous living room

 via All the King’s Horses & All the King’s Men

The space above is one of my favorites that I’ve found on Pinterest. I love all the many textures used and the depth created with the color scheme. The space is neutral, despite the pop of color of the sofa. I love how the designer used various shades of cream and gray along with the brown wood floors and black piano. Every glamorous space should have something black! The glass, chrome, crystals, and fur all add dimension and contrast, and gives the eye a lot of things to look at.

How to add Glamour into Your  Space


Mirrored furniture and accessories provide reflective surfaces that make a room feel luxe and larger. Whether the mirrors are clear or smoky (it’s good to have a mixture throughout the space), mirrors bring in elegance and glamour.

glamorous mirrors


1. Pottery Barn / 2. Pottery Barn


The decor market is flooded with affordable chandeliers and putting them in unexpected places like a walk-in closet or bathroom makes a home feel even more glamorous. Crystal chandeliers are my favorite.



3. Lamps Plus / 4. Overstock

Dramatic Lighting

Glamorous spaces should have the lighting on a dimmer to give the space atmosphere and drama. Placing accent lighting near cozy seating or mirrors help create the mood. Wall sconces are available at any budget and are a great way to give your space that Hollywood Glam vibe.

glamorous sconces


5. Lamps Plus / 6. Wayfair

Fur, Silk, and other Luxe Fabrics

Luxe fabrics like fur, silk, and velvet ups the “glam” factor. Upholstering a piece of furniture in a luxe fabric could make a piece look much more expensive and therefore give the room the high-style feel of the Hollywood Glam style. Drapery should be dramatic, even if they’re just a solid color. Pillows could be dressed up with trim and fur. Various textures are a must!

glamorous textiles


7. World Market / 8. Restoration Hardware / 9. Room & Board / 10. West Elm


Using white or cream liberally throughout a space helps with the allure of a luxe, glamorous space. White or cream can be mixed with gold, purple, red, or black, but you should really limit your color scheme to two or three colors (including your white or cream). My favorite glamorous spaces are those that use various shades of a cream for a monochrome base color scheme and bring in small pops of an accent color.

glamorous color scheme


Behr Interior Paint


Glass, feathers, and pearls are all great ways to bring in a bit of glamour. You can place pearls (or faux-pearl) jewelry in a glass box or feathers laid out on a table. The look is minimal and glam. If you’re looking for sculptures for end tables or bookcases, those that are glass, glossy, metallic, or figural all make for a more luxe environment. A display of white candles are another way to bring drama and sexy lighting. Remember, it’s all about the sparkle and drama.

Also, a glamorous space wouldn’t be complete with at least one vintage, exclusive piece. Go raid your nearest antique shop or flea market to find that piece that’s beautiful and tells a story.

glamorous accessories


11. Neiman Marcus / 12. Target / 13. Home Decorators Collection / 14. Pottery Barn

Remember, when creating a glamorous space, you must have some sparkle, drama, and depth. A successful design would look well curated, luxe, and high-end. Pop on over to Houzz or Pinterest for glamorous inspiration!

Do you love glamorous spaces? Do you think less is more when creating this kind of space or should a glamorous space be over the top? Drop a comment and let me know!

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8 Thoughts on “How to Add Glamour into a Space

  1. Chandeliers and mirrors definitely add instant glam. Great post!

  2. Love the glam and it doesn’t take much. I think the only room I would glam up is my living room and my bedroom the rest of the rooms the kids would not make it that glam lol
    Kita recently posted…Baked Pork ChopsMy Profile

  3. Great ideas! I want to attemp to glam up my family room for the holidays and I had also planned to use creams and silver for a tad bit of sparkle. Thank you for the inspiring ideas! ;)
    Shonda recently posted…Remember These Classic 80′s Movies??My Profile

  4. EVERYTHING about this post is so me! I love the classy colors. A vintage chandelier piece was my main inspiration for the Victorian style theme I wanted to create in my room but once we actually moved in (apartment) I realized there was a huge ceiling fan taking the place of where I wanted to place my chandelier. I suppose I can place it elsewhere but the ceiling fan takes away from the decor a little and I can’t remove it. Any suggestions?

    • Miss Daja,
      In the last apartment I lived in, I had a hideous ceiling light. I asked my landlord if I could change it to something that looked a bit better, and he told me YES and even changed it for me himself (I had to buy it, of course, and I even had to get someone to change it back when I moved). Maybe you can try this in your place?

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