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Fall is still among us and Winter will be here faster than we know it, so I’ve got a couple friends in the design world to help me answer some decorating questions that I’m most asked by readers. Hopefully, we can help you get your home looking it’s best through the seasons.

1. What’s your go to Fall color scheme?

“Big admission here: I don’t do seasonal decorating, besides the Christmas tree and our stockings.  I’m a minimalist at heart, and I hate storing decor. When it’s out, I get claustrophobic with the “stuff”.  Fall decor, Halloween, and Thanksgiving get no decorations at all. So nothing changes around my house!  I know, what kind of decorator am I?  Haha!” – Tawna Allred

“It is a bit predictable, but I really like red, orange and yellow. After the coastal blues and greens of spring and summer it is a nice change!” – Adam Zollinger

“I love to bring the colors in from outdoors: burnt oranges, browns, and greens.” – Whitney Jones

fall color scheme

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2. What’s a timeless Winter color scheme?

“White.” – Tawna Allred

“White – My favorite color! ” – Adam Zollinger

“White. White is timeless and makes for a great backdrop for any accent colors that you want to incorporate.” Whitney Jones

3. How can you decorate your home for Fall that will last throughout the Winter?

“Please, please, please don’t do anything inflatable.  Or gruesome in Halloween themes (unless it makes you happy, of course).  If I decorated in a fall theme, it would simply be with natural gourds in different sizes on my doorstep. Someday I might do that.  But then I think of them rotting and having to clean them up.  And I think “maybe next year”.” – Tawna Allred

“I don’t like to combine those two seasons. I know it can be done, but I think that autumn and winter are two drastically different holidays and call for different accessories. Give me gourds, pumpkins and deep colors in autumn, but after that, when the snow is falling, it is all about shades of white, evergreen and everything shiny!!!” – Adam Zollinger

“It’s hard to make an impact for both Fall AND Winter if you keep the decor the same for both seasons. If you must, choose accents can be changed a bit for both seasons, like reversible pillows. One side can be a pattern that includes shades of red, orange, green and other Fall colors, while the other side can be a solid red, which is a great Winter color.” – Whitney J Decor

4. What are some natural elements to bring indoors for the Fall & Winter?

“Again, natural gourds.  Natural twigs from trees in large jars can be so beautiful!  If you want some amazing inspiration, read the book “Bringing Nature Home”.  It’s fantastic, and gives ideas for bringing nature in for all seasons.” – Tawna Allred

“Take leaves and branches off of the ground and put them in tall glass hurricanes. You can even add some FLAMELESS candles!”- Adam Zollinger

“I love to take branches from outdoors and put them in vases or platters. They make for a great centerpiece on any surface.” – Whitney Jones


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5. How do you create a space fit for Christmas that isn’t over the top?

“I love the idea of living simply.  We don’t have a beautiful, magazine worthy tree at Christmas.  We do go and find it together in the mountains behind my house.  The EXPERIENCE is what is amazing.  Usually it is bald on one side, or has two tops or something. I then buy one or two yards of fabric at a local store, tear them into strips, and tie them on the tree.  We sprinkle raffia on the tree (it hides some of the bare parts).  Then my kids cut out very random pictures and we put them on.  I think there’s a couple of “real” ornaments from crafts done at school.  It used to bug me….the randomness.  Now it’s my favorite thing about Christmas; the night when we do that together.  And I love the smell of a fresh cut pine tree!” – Tawna Allred

“I would refer to the question above and add as many natural elements as possible. For a tree skirt, use natural burlap. Keep the strand lights on the tree and use candlelight elsewhere in the house where a little twinkle is needed. Just a tip – Use unscented candles to keep your home from smelling like a vanilla nightmare!” – Adam Zollinger

” I’m more over-the-top Christmas kind of gal, but if you’re looking for more subtle decor, put leftover ornaments in clear hurricanes or bowls and put it wherever you want a touch of Christmas.” – Whitney Jones


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6. How do you maximize the space in a home for holiday parties?

“Have them at someone else’s house!  Ok, in all seriousness:  Do what you do for your kids….take out any unnecessary furniture and open up space to move around.” – Tawna Allred

“I serve A LOT of drinks so nobody notices they are sitting on top of someone else! lol. :)” – Adam Zollinger

“Remove any furniture that won’t be used, like accent tables. Make sure to have extra fold-up chairs, if needed.” – Whitney Jones


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The Designers/Decorators


Tawna Allred
Interior Decorator/Owner of Tawna Allred Interiors


Adam Zollinger
Interior Designer/Owner of Adam Zollinger Interiors
Owner of Shabby – Your Chic Lamp Boutique on Etsy


Whitney Jones
Interior Decorator/Owner of Whitney J Decor

Care to chime in about decorating through the seasons and any of the questions/answers above? Agree or disagree? Be sure to drop a comment and let us know!

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