Teen Decor – Fun and Playful Teen Girl Bedroom Moodboard

Last week I was in a sandwich shop and there was a lady there that kept smiling at me. It was kind of uncomfortable at first, because she kept making eye contact with big smiles like she knew me already. She had a teenage girl with her… maybe 15 years old. When my order number was called, I grabbed my sandwich, but before I walked out the door of the sandwich shop, I stopped by the lady and said, “Hey, how are you, I’m Whitney”. We started chatting for a while, and the conversation went from talking about where we were from to how old we both were to what we do on the weekends. I really enjoyed talking to her (her name is Liv) and when I told her I was an Interior Designer, her daughter looked at her with the biggest, cutest brown eyes I’ve ever seen and said, “Mom, can you pay her to come decorate my room”. I’m not even sure what her mom told her, but I was just mezmerized with her eyes and how excited she looked to have me potentially decorate her space.

I gave Liv my business card and left the sandwich spot. And, even though she never called me about her daughter’s room (or any other room), I couldn’t stop thinking about how excited her daughter was. So, this moodboard is for you, sweet girl, sorry I didn’t get your name! I imagine you being fun and playful, so I hope this “room” represents you. If you happen upon my site and you have any questions, be sure to contact me (or have your mom contact me).

Teen Decor – the Moodboard

fun and playful teen girl decor
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Teen Girl Decor – How I Created It

Black and white is a classic color combo

I chose a color scheme of black, white, and pink. Black and white is a classic color combination. Pink is feminine and sassy and the perfect pop of color for contrast against B&W.

Stripes are timeless

Stripes will stay in style for a long time. Pink and white stripes are fun and feminine, perfect for a teenage girl. Behr has my some of my favorite paint colors. The two I choose for this design are Cloud White & Peony. Use the combo for the stripe detail for an accent wall and the cloud white on the other walls.

Repeat the shapes around a room

The chandelier is really cool; I love the round globes. Circles are fun and I’ve chosen to mimic the circle shapes of the chandelier all around the room: in the lamp, the pom-pom garland, the knobs, and the lights on the mirror. The pom-pom garland can be hung anywhere in a room: atop the mirror, around the headboard, on a wall, etc.

Mixing brown wood with white gloss furniture

I love brown wood furniture and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to mix it with white furniture. Here’s a great example of how it can be done. I chose a dark wood bed with the matching dresser and picked out a white gloss Parson’s desk and nightstand. They can both go on either side of the bed or you can get two nightstands instead of one.

Playfun and fun decor

The draperies and pillow are both cute and playful. Both feature fringe detail around the edges. Other fun and playful accents are the dog statues. I love art that doesn’t take itself too serious. Flamingo prints are among my favorite prints and bringing more pink into the room allows more contrast to the black and white bedding, rug, and knobs (for the dresser). The geometric print of the bedding is modern and fun… perfect for my modern and fun teen girl!

Put it all together

I love this “room”, I can definitely imagine it in real life. I see a couple bean bags for some friends and a pop art print of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. You can find some at Allposters.com. Another accent color, like green or yellow can be added, too. The idea of the “room” is to be fun and playful. I hope I’ve expressed it through this moodboard. If you’re looking for the items of this moodboard or even some more inspiration for a teen girl’s decor, check out my Pinterest board.

What do you think of this teen decor I’ve chosen? Are the furnishings fun and playful? Could you picture this “room” in your own teenage daughter’s space?

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Whitney Jones


  1. This has inspired me to create my very own mood board. I have my ideas written out but to actually see them will motivate me to actually make it happen.

    Thank you. I love this.

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