Guest Post: 9 Tips for Keeping Calm with Cushions

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Today I’m super excited to have Kathy here with a guest post talking all about using cushions to keep comfy. Enjoy!!



Hi Ya’ll, Crafty people! It’s me, Kathy Joe. I am a décor addict and it keeps me quite sane. Décor in whatever form, appeals to me more than anything. I am happy to a paramount extent to be a guest here. You can visit my blog for more of my crafty work.


1. Adorn Your Favourite Place With Cushions

What better way to unwind at the end of a hard, stressful day than sinking into your favourite chair surrounded by a selection of comfortable, carefully chosen cushions? Whatever your personal style, you can use cushions to create an environment into which you can retreat when you want to let yourself go.



Linen Me

2. Keep Calm And Make a Plan

Finding the right cushions for your home need not be difficult or expensive. Research your options on-line. Gather ideas when you visit a hotel, browse through home décor magazines and catalogues, have a look at shops’ websites. When out and about, have a look at shop displays and shop windows. This way you will get ideas from experienced interior designers that know what works, then you can take those ideas home and adapt them according to your preference and your budget.



 Return to Retro

3. Don’t Get Stressed About Measurements

If you want to buy separate cushions and covers, choose the cushion first, and then the cover. This is because cushions come in different shapes and sizes and you will need to know its measurements before you choose which cover to buy (or make).



 Daisy Green Magazine

4. How Comfortable Do You Want To Be?

Bear in mind that you don’t have to settle for a cushion with a polyester filling. For a more opulent feel, you could choose a feather or goose down cushion, or a cushion made from memory foam (which moulds to the shape of your body) for the ultimate in warmth and comfort. Try different cushions out in a shop which allows you to see them on display.



 Right Move

5. Use Your Cushion For Relaxation Exercises Or For Yoga

It might be more important that your cushion is supportive if you want to use it for orthopedic reasons, to lie on the floor to do breathing exercises, or if you want to use the cushion for yoga. If this is the case, make sure you choose the right cushion for health and safety reasons.



 Iron Deck

6. Look To Nature For Colours That Soothe You

Take inspiration from the seasons; take a walk outdoors and observe the colour schemes of nature. Colours can contrast with one another, or can complement one another – the latter will be more soothing.


7. Shapes And Colours That Help You Unwind

Hold up colour samples against one another to find something that really works for you. Discover which colours make you personally feel calm and tranquil. For example, think of which colours you might find in your favourite flowers, summer meadows, trees, fish or water, and go for subtle, pastel versions of these colours. For a striking collection of cushions I always opt for Yorkshire Linen Co.



At Home in Love


Yorkshire Linen

8. What Really Makes You Happy?

Be inspired by your hobby, interest or whatever makes you feel calm and happy. This could be football or your beloved pet: cushion covers can be bought or printed with your favourite pet photograph or bought in the shape of an animal.



Two Sisters Home

9. The Perfect Finishing Touch

Arrange your cushions to look relaxing and welcoming so that when you walk into a room you can’t resist sinking into them, getting comfortable and chilling out. With subtle lighting, somewhere comfortable to sit and your favourite drink, cushions will be the perfect finishing touch to help you let go of the strains of the day.



So, did you like Kathy’s post? How do you pick the perfect cushion (or pillow)? Be sure to leave a comment!

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