New Year Goals for Whitney J Decor


Happy New Year!!!!!!

January 6th makes Whitney J Decor 1 year old, YAY!!!!!

These last few days I’ve taken time to assess my business. I’ve thought about my strengths and weaknesses within the realm of owning a business. I’ve pondered changes that should have been made and decided the things that will definitely change come 2014.

There will be some huge improvements in the way I do business and how I blog here.

I want to be able to give back to my loyal supporters and readers. There will be way more design boards here on the blog and I’m going to be giving out even more tips in the newsletter.

Here are my big new year goals for Whitney J Decor in 2014:

  1. Get a new, fresh logo for Whitney J Decor (if you want to sponsor this logo, let me know).
  2. Create 18 Design Boards to be shared on my blog. That’s at least 1 per month.
  3. Publish 2 blog posts per week.
  4. Send out the Decor Chronicles newsletter (the official Whitney J Decor newsletter) at least twice a month.
  5. Create an email course for subscribers to follow along and get taught how to decorate their own home.
  6. Create 2 E-Books (one to be sold and one to be given out to subscribers of my newsletter).
  7. Have 5 E-Decor clients.
  8. Have 8 local full service interior design clients.
  9. Create custom drapery for at least 10 different clients.
  10. Get a space published in a magazine .
  11. Offer my services at an hourly rate, along with the flat-fee rates I’ve been charging in 2013.
  12. Offer my services for free to at least one needing person, preferably an elderly person or a parent with over 6 kids (I come from a big family, so I have a big heart for mothers with a lot of kids like my mom).
  13. Hire an office manager and a design assistant.
  14. Create and sell a small line of home furnishings (more on this later).
  15. Make my office more organized and efficient (there’s stuff everywhere).
  16. Get my porfolio on the site up and running (this isn’t as easy as you think).
  17. Create a better Services page in order to attract the right clients and explain better what I do and what Whitney J Decor is all about.
  18. Reach out to sponsors that would love to help me become a better, more profitable company.
  19. Reach 500 email subscribers by the end of the year.
  20. Assess these goals every month to make sure I’m taking the action steps that makes the most sense to attaining each goal.

Yea, I know… how am I going to get all that done in 1 measly year? Well, I’m a big dreamer. And I’m a hard worker! I’ll work my butt off to make as much of those goals a reality. I’ll take my time planning all the action steps I need to take and I’m not afraid or too proud to get help when needed.

So, what do you think? Will you help hold me accountable to these goals? Am I reaching for way too much?What are some of your big goals for 2014? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Till next time,



Whitney Jones


  1. Hey there Whitney!
    That is one long list of goals, most likely due to what you said about making corrections from what you did or didn’t do/achieve in 2013. I think you can crack some of the list fairly easily, so I’d hit those first. The other ones such as #2, 5, and six may sap a lot of time from finding potential clients, You just might want to move them down on the list a tad.

    Myself? I was told by a branding guy that my website looks “old-Fashioned” and I need more photos… he said even the logo is too much, though my market is recession-proof clients. It’s true that is pretty much looks like nobody elses in the industry…has kept me unsatisfied since it was built. So this will be my focus: New website and logo, Blogging more often, throwing up design boards and figuring out how to turn some of my almost 2650 FB fans into clients. My E-design didn’t go anywhere. so good luck with that.

    Your ID pal,

    Heather B

    • Hey Heather!
      Thanks so much for the motivation! I’m determined to acheive as many of these goals as possible. Good luck with the new logo and website. Keep me updated on that!


    • Thanks so much, Tiffany!! I’m so happy you’re interested in my email course (when it’s done), you should definitely sign up for my VIP email list!


  2. Great list of goals!!! There’s a lot there…but I’m like you…I like to dream big. I will hold u accountable for 2 blog posts a week cause that’s one of my goals too. I’d dont list them all out….but I might put them on paper just to have my intentions written down. I need to become waaaay more organized and disciplined in order to achieve my goals. So I’m here working on many similar things. Have a bad goal day? Let me know and I’ll cheer u up. Also I would leave room in your goals for the unexpected, the magical to happen. Leaving room for things to evolve that you hadn’t planned on can open a lot of doors. I’ll be writing about that a lot in coming month. But plz hold me to 2 posts/week and I’ve got your back. Happy new year and wishing you all you dream for!! You go girl!! :-)

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