I’m so happy to be writing this post! I received a terrarium from the Zen Succulent on Etsy for review. To say I was excited, is a complete understatement. I’ve been wanting to start collecting succulents and air plants, for the longest, but plants I’ve bought from the past had a shorter life span than bacon on my breakfast plate (I love bacon)! The Zen Succulent has some of the most beautiful terrariums I’ve seen and their Etsy shop is full of gorgeous images of the different ones that they offer.

River Stone Air Plants via the Zen Succulent
mini aqua terrarium
Mini Aqua Terrarium via the Zen Succulent
Hanging Succulent Terrarium via the Zen Succulent
Hanging Succulent Terrarium via the Zen Succulent

So, when my terrarium arrived, it was boxed well and everything came out easily.

great packaging
the instruction sheet is so cute and easy to understand

Here’s a close of view of the packaging. Everything was packaged in small plastic bags for safe keeping and stuck inside the vase.

everything was separated into small baggies

Here’s everything that’s included. (The paint brush is mine. I’ll let you know what you need that for soon enough.)

I love the shade of green of the reindeer moss

This ceramic stand is also included. The vase goes on top of it.

the ceramic base
pouring in the sand

Following the directions, I first poured the sand in the vase.

I leveled the same to make sure it was the same depth throughout.
the paint brush is used to wipe off excess sand off the inside of the vase
the moss layer

I used the small paint brush to brush off the sand off any unwanted areas of the inside of the glass. Then, I layered in the reindeer moss.

layering in the sea fan

The directions were to then place in the Tillandsia air plant, and then the decorations (wood, rocks, seashells, sea fans, etc), but I found it easier to put my sea fan that came with the kit, first. See:

Tillandsia plant

And now, here’s the actual air plant.

I love these shells!

And these gorgeous little shells make me happy each time I see them.

closeup of the terrarium after it’s been set up


Doesn’t it look great? I am seriously in love with this thing! One thing that has always appealed to me about these kinds of plants, is the fact that it’s easier to take care of. I don’t need to water often, and when I do, it needs very, very little water. I can place it anywhere in the home (it moves around a lot), but I make sure to give it a little attention by the window for a hr or two every now and then. Honestly, I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do or not, but it’s still alive and kicking! I’ve been having it for over a week  now, and it looks the same (if not better) as it did when it arrived. It’s lasted 90% longer than any plant that I have ever owned, and I’ve owned LOTS of plants.

I love how the green moss compliments yellow, white, and black. Terrariums are a great way to add a small pop of color.

Thanks so much, the Zen Succulent, for providing me with this terrarium to enjoy. Hopefully I can have it forever!

Go check out the Zen Succulent’s shop on Etsy to order your own.

So, are you a fan of succulents and air plants? Do you have or want to have your own terrarium? Be sure to drop a comment and let me know.

Till next time,