April 17, 2014

Design Board inspired by the apartment of Scandal’s Olivia Pope

I’m not ready for Scandal to be over with, which is crazy, because I should be relieved to give my heart some time to heal from all the ups and downs from the show this season!

After tonight I’m going to continually think about what we see tonight and what we saw these past few weeks. I’m going to think up excuses for why Cyrus or Jake did this and that and why I think Quinn is going to do this next and what I believe will be the big “scandals” of next season.

Being a designer, I’m constantly inspired by what I see all around me, including TV shows and movies. Each time I see another scene on Scandal, I’m discovering a new furnishing that makes me say, “Oooh, that’s cute”, “I need to see where that painting comes from”, and “I wonder what color the walls are”. I know, designers are crazy…

Although I love Keri Washington as an actress, I love Olivia Pope more, because I know her, right? (Right?)

The always fabulous fixer, Olivia Pope

The always fabulous fixer, Olivia Pope. via Hooked on Houses

Her apartment is also fab. I love how the set designers payed so much attention to detail, from the fabric choices of the window treatments down to the pillows on the sofa. The room has classic, traditional style. The color scheme of neutral browns and creams with pops of ocean blue is one of my favorite combinations.

On the set of Scandal: Olivia Pope's apartment

On the set of Scandal: Olivia Pope’s apartment. via People Magazine

Olivia Pope's apartment is classic and traditional, neutral with pops of blue.

Olivia Pope’s apartment is classic and traditional, neutral with pops of blue. via Vulture

So… because I love you all and I know you’re looking to get this look in your own home… I’ve created a living room board inspired by Olivia Pope’s apartment. Let me know what you think!

Living Room design board inspired by the apartment of Scandal's fabulous fixer, Olivia Pope.

Living Room design board inspired by the apartment of Scandal’s fabulous fixer, Olivia Pope. Art / Console Table / Lamp on Console / Sculpture / Fur Pillow / Ikat Pillow / Blue Chair / Brown Chair / Sofa / Side Table / Coffee Table / Wine Glasses / Rug

Do you love this Living Room design board? What’s your favorite set on Scandal? Have you been inspired from the show to decorate your own home?

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10 responses to “Design Board inspired by the apartment of Scandal’s Olivia Pope”

  1. LOVE this post. I am constantly distracted by set design. I think my favorite thing is the drapery. Very pretty!

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  3. susan says:

    Hi!!! Any way to find out the paint color in olivia’s bedroom?? Thanks!

    • Whitney says:

      Hi Susan!
      I’m not sure of the exact color, but I found some that are similar. Try these: Sherwin Williams 7037 Balanced Beige, Behr Marquee MQ2-55 Park Avenue, & Benjamin Moore OC-16 Cedar Key.

      Hope this helps!


  4. Shannon says:

    Does anyone have info on Quinn’s bedroom paint?? It’s a bluish color. Thanks!!

  5. Lou says:

    my favorite thing in scandal emission in the wing sculpture on the piano. Do you have information ti get it? Thanks

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