Styling a sofa is probably one of my favorite things to do (after space planning, of course), so I put together some fun ways to style a sofa with some of my favorite pillows.

If your living room is looking a bit boring and you want to make some changes on a budget, the first thing I always suggest is to change the pillows on the sofa. Update the pillows on your sofa and trust me, you’ll definitely see a difference. Then, the pillows you chose can be the start of a new color scheme and can inspire the decor in the rest of your home.

Here’s some great looks that you can implement in your own living room:

Animal Print with a dash of Velvet
Tan Velvet Pillow / Leopard Print Pillow

I love animal prints. I don’t have a particular favorite, but leopard and cheetah prints are usually my go-to patterns, because they go with ANY decor scheme!  I love the look above, because the print is definitely hot and trendy, while also being a classic pattern that won’t go out of style. The tan, solid velvet pillows match the tan in the leopard print pillows and bring in a touch of glam.

Floral Pillow / “Into the Wild” Pillow / Deer Pillow

How cute are the pillows above? The entire look screams, “FUN”! By including at least two of the florals on either side of the sofa, we get a balanced base to layer some eclectic pillows in front of. The “Into the Wild” pillow is green, but there’s green in the floral pillows, too. The deer pillow is mostly white and black accented with neon colors. White and black are both in the floral pillows and the “Into the Wild” pillow has white text.

I chose to match the colors on these pillows, but you don’t have to. I usually put a lot of thought into mixing patterns/pillows together, and in this case, I started with the florals. From there, I wanted to add pillows that spoke to my recent infatuation with the outdoors and nature. Both the “Into the Wild” and deer pillows are related to “the wild” and so are flowers. So, even if the colors didn’t match, the theme did. It would have still worked.

Feather Pillow / Pebble Pillow

As you can see above, all your pillows don’t have to be square shaped. I love these two styles together; the look is so luxe! By using the larger, feather pillows in a square shape and the pebble pillows in a lumbar shape that’s smaller scaled, there’s even more interest to the sofa. The sofa looks extremely welcoming and comfortable, while also looking gorgeous and glam. [I used similar pillows in my living room reveal. Check it out.]

Fur Pillow / Leaf Pillow

I used a neutral scheme in the above photo with cream and golden-tan. The shimmer of the leaf pillow gives the sofa an ultra glam look, while still being comfy with the large fur pillows in the back. I love how these pillows can easily match with your current decor, but by simply adding a colored pillow into the mix, you can get a different look.

Pillows are one of the most inexpensive ways to upgrade a space. If you’re looking for an update in your home, you can always try out some new pillows. If you don’t like the way they look in your space, most retailers accept refunds!

Feel free to use either of the above ideas in your own space, and if you need any help taking the next steps or getting started, check out my E-Decor services or contact me. I also sell pillow covers in my Etsy shop. Use code TWEETTWEET for 10% off. Check it out!

4 ways to style a sofa with pillows

Which look is your favorite? Have you recently updated the pillows on your sofa?

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