June 11, 2014

Guest Bathroom Planning Tips

Hello! I am Anna Smith from My Bathrooms blog and I love to write about bathroom décor as most of us tend to ignore this very important room in our home. I will help you combat this dilemma and provide you with tips and tricks which you may apply in no time! Especially when it comes to decorating a guest bathroom, don’t give up! Here is all you need to know to achieve a perfect guest bathroom.


A guest bathroom is a sure-fire way to add value to your home and convenience to your daily lives. Not only will a guest bathroom give your visitors somewhere that they can be relatively private while staying at your house, but you will reap the benefit of having a second bathroom the rest of the time, easing the load on the main bathroom and toilet.



Guest bathrooms do not have to be very big at all. You can actually fit a bathroom into a space three or four feet wide by six or eight feet deep, easily making better use of an old box-room or half-bedroom. Your guest bathroom can also be an odd shape, if necessary. Some, older, houses tend to have strange nooks and crannies, designed originally as storage spaces or servant’s quarters, which lend themselves well to conversion into bathrooms. Study your home and see where you can best fit in a second bathroom.



Find a small bathroom suite that will fit into the space that you have set aside for your guest bathroom, and install the largest pieces first. Once the main fittings (bath, basin and toilet) are in place, you can examine the space that you have left for storage units, towel racks and anything else that you feel should be in the bathroom. You can find some beautiful wall hung storage units from My Bathrooms at very reasonable prices.

Color Scheme


Your décor and color scheme should be very carefully thought out and painstakingly enacted. If you are not confident in your decorating skills, perhaps consider employing a painter/ decorator to do the job for you. In this way, you can be sure that the paintwork and wallpaper will be precisely and professionally applied; inviting admiration and infusing the whole room with welcoming charm and invite. Crown Paints have a color pallet that suits everyone’s taste; you can view their range of colors online. My personal favorite has to be the pastels.

Finishing Touch


The finishing touches are just as important as the main furniture and the décor, helping to pull the whole room together into a beautifully laid out and user-friendly bathroom, sure to appeal to your guests. Choose your accessories carefully, keeping to your chosen color scheme. Do note that in very small rooms, it is better to choose just one or two colors for the décor, rather than the more usual three or four. If you crave variety and long for a colorful bathroom, consider using two or three shades of the same color; various pinks or blues, for example, rather than choosing very different colors. Purchase or make a set of soft furnishings for your bathroom (bath and pedestal mat, toilet roll holder or cover, and make sure that the colors and textures of the fabric works well with the overall look of the décor.

It may seem to be a daunting task when you first set out to craft a guest bathroom, but it will not be long before you reap the benefits of your investment of time, effort and money – all the while inspiring envy and admiration in friends and relatives that come to stay!

Thanks for the information, Anna!

So, guys, are you planning a guest bathroom remodel? Have any other tips to add? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!

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