June 28, 2014

Why Bioethanol Fire Can Be Your Ideal Heating Solution

I live in an apartment and could only wish to have a fireplace here. I was happy when Sarah reached out to me about educating me (and you guys) about Bioethanol fireplaces and how advantageous it would be to have one.


Everybody enjoys the appearance of a natural fire, with mesmerising flames that can add a special ambiance to your room on a cosy winter evening. From a heating perspective, natural fireplaces are also one of the best ways to keep warm. However, they do come with a lot of drawbacks. The reality of having a wood fire involves a lot of chopping up logs and lugging them around, and then there is the matter of cleaning up all of the ash and keeping the chimney clean. You also may not enjoy the smoke that these kind of fires can give off, which can leave your clothes, hair and furniture smelling like you have been at a bonfire party.

The downsides of wood fires and fires that use other forms of solid fuel are one of the main reasons why bioethanol fireplaces have become so trendy in recent years. Here, we take a look at what bioethanol fires are and why they make for such a great heating solution for many homes.


The Advantages of Bioethanol Fires

Bioethanol fires go by a lot of names. In some places they are known as ‘eco fires’, or also as ‘alcohol fires’. They are essentially fires that are fuelled by bioethanol, also known as methylated spirit. They give off a real flame, so you get the aesthetic benefits of a real fire, but they are smokeless and odourless, leave no ash behind, and are kind to the environment.

For many people, the main advantages of choosing this type of fire are that they are so clean and easy to maintain. You do not have to chop wood or carry heavy bags of coal, you simply fuel the fire with the alcohol spirit and watch it flicker away. For other people, a bioethanol fire is the only way they can have a true open fire, because you can install one just about anywhere without needing a chimney or anything else. This makes them great for people who live in flats or who want a fire in a room that doesn’t have a built in fireplace and flues.


Style Advantages of Bioethanol Fires

Bioethanol fires, due to their versatility, come in a wide range of styles, and this means you can make your fireplace really fit with the décor of your room. While wood fires tend to look quite traditional, you can get bioethanol fires in all kinds of modernist and minimalist styles, as well as those with a more cosy, conventional look. Another advantage to bioethanol from an interior design perspective is that you can put the fire anywhere you want in a room, making it a centrepiece if you want to. You are more restricted with fires that need a chimney and therefore need to be built into a wall. If you take a look at, for example, the bio ethanol fires by imaginfires.co.uk, you will see a huge variety of styles and colours, and you can also see some examples of different room layouts with a bioethanol fireplace in position.

Are They Warm Enough?

Some people choose small bioethanol fires simply for their appearance, and this can be a good way to get the look of a real fire while using something else like underfloor heating to keep your room at a good temperature. Larger bioethanol fires, however, do give off quite a lot of heat, and will be ideal for keeping your room warm in the winter months. If you are more concerned with aesthetics than heat because you have another heating solution, and just want the look of a real flame, you don’t need to worry too much about the size of bioethanol fireplace you pick. However, if this will be your main heating solution, look for a larger fire that will radiate plenty of warmth.

Bioethanol fires can warm your room, give you the comforting look of a real flame, and also fit in with any style of décor you choose. Add to that the fact they are easy to install, maintain and clean, and you can have one anywhere, and it is easy to see why they are becoming the must have interior design solution for heating!


Thanks, Sarah! I’ve been looking into getting a small, portable one for my apartment. The heating benefits of having a bioethanol fire already convinced me, but I’m even more excited that there are countless styles and finishes that I would be able to choose from.

Have you used bioethanol fireplaces? Would you get one? Be sure sure drop a comment and let me know!

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