Sunday, I’m decorating my cousins home for her New Orleans Saints tailgate party. I have a lot to do before the party, so I thought I’d show you a bit from the web that has inspired me. There will be A LOT of eating and drinking, so I want to concentrate on decor related to that instead of a lot of miscellaneous wall and ceiling decor.

The Saints colors are black and gold, so any Saints tailgate party decor should have those colors, but I’m bringing in a lot of white to make it more sophisticated. I love glass, so expect to see a lot of it in the after pics that I’ll post some time next week.

saints party decor inspiration
images from left to right: Lilyshop, The Sweetest Occasion, Brunch at Saks, Fine Stationary , We Work

Have any Saints tailgate party decor ideas? Are you planning any tailgate parties? I’d love to hear about how you plan to decorate! Share, below.