All my life I’ve been a pink and purple girl, but recently, I’ve been infatuated with mustard, turquoise, and any shade of green (especially olive green and emerald).

I gave my last client two color scheme options for her space: mustard/turquoise or pink/black/white/gold. She went with pink, and ever since then, I’ve been thinking about yellow and turquoise.

Here’s what I came up with:

yellow, turquoise, gold, & white bedroom design board
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Seriously, how gorgeous would this room be???? The dresser is from One Kings Lane, so if you are interested, you better go snatch it up!

I love these shades of green and yellow. Many times when I see rooms using turquoise and yellow, the room seems very fun and youthful. Although I love those rooms, too, for this design I wanted a more grown up, sophisticated look. I went with a darker shade of yellow (almost mustard-y) and a more muted shade of turquoise (in the pillows and dresser) instead of really bright shades. The upholstered bed and furry director’s chair soften up the hard lines of the other furniture. The one thing that I wish I would have added is a tree or other plant. I believe every room should have some kind of greenery in it. 

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So, what’s your thoughts on this bedroom design? Leave me a comment below!

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