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Plant DIY Projects for Your Home

Lately, I’ve been infatuated with all things green (plants, saving energy, the color green… you get the drift), so today I’m sharing with you some DIY projects that I found over the web for your plants and garden.

DIY: Easy Herb Drying Rack

This one is so cool! I would love to have something like this in my kitchen, but since onion and bell pepper are pretty much the only fresh plants I put in my very limited menu of foods that I cook (as little as possible), I doubt that this makes much sense for me [insert sad, but slightly relieved face here].

DIY: Mason Jar Herb Garden

I love anything that has to do with mason jars. A few years ago, I made and sold candles. My love for mason jars began then, because it was the most least expensive jars that I could afford for my small candle business. I put the candle making business on hold for now, but can’t wait to start offering them again with my pillows. This DIY would be perfect for the extra jars I have on hand.

DIY: Verticle Plant Hanger

I’m definitely making this one! I’ve always wanted some kind of way to hang my growing collection of succulent plants. This would be so perfect!

Planter Garden

This one doesn’t come with DIY instructions, but it looks pretty easy to do. Using a similar planter, simply get your favorite soil and plant beautiful succulents. Easy peasy!

DIY: Stamped Spoon Planter Markers

Okay, I wouldn’t suggest using fine silverware for this (even if it is old – vintage is in), but you can get a set of 10 silver spoons at the Dollar Tree. After flattening the spoon, you can either stamp on the name of the plant (or herb) or paint the spoon with chalkboard paint and write it on. Either way, this is a really cool project.

So, which one of these projects will you be trying? Done any plant DIYs lately? Leave a comment below!

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