I’ve got so many DIY projects I’ve been doing in my tiny apartment kitchen and I can’t wait to share them all with you.

I’m currently decorating my little kitchen and still have a lot more left to do. I have to paint the walls (which are a tad cruddy – is that a word?); a black accent walls and the rest will be white. And, I still have to hang my shelves that I’m hanging with simple pine from Home Depot and cheap, metal closet shelf brackets spray painted gold.

Here’s what my kitchen looks like now (well, sort of, there’s paint, wood, and plants all over the countertops right now):

apartment kitchen before photos
As you can see, it’s tiny and although it might have more cabinets than a lot of other apartments, it’s still not enough space for me. Not only do I store food in my cabinets, but I store a lot of my office stuff (more on that later). I’m installing shelves over my sink to relieve some of the cabinet space. I’ll put some of my most used foods, like rice, beans, spices, coffee, teas, and other items that’ll look cute in apothecary and mason jars. I love these spaces below. They really make great use of wall space and the extra storage that the shelves provide are both functional and really cute.


wall shelves in the kitchen
via K Sarah Designs


wall shelves in the kitchen
via Practicing Simplicity



wall shelves in the kitchen
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wall shelves in the kitchen
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wall shelves in the kitchen
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Now, I know ivy plants are common houseplants, but I’ve always hated them. There was something about how fast they grow and how they grew all over the place that creeped me out. I never thought I’d have one of my own until I moved into my new place. When I saw these kitchens below on Pinterest, I knew it was meant for me to buy one just for my kitchen. I’m not sure how well the plant will do without a window in the kitchen, but I’ve seen them grow in bathrooms (without windows) and other rooms without good lighting, so I hope it’ll be fine. If you have any advice for taking care of an ivy, please drop a comment below.


kitchens with ivy plants that inspired my new kitchen decor. via whitneyjdecor.com
via Justina Blakeney


ivy plant in the kitchen
via Home Life


I really want to do a chalkboard wall in my kitchen, but my textured walls are like, “Not gonna happen”. So, because I love a black accent wall, I’m going to just paint corner wall black and hang some cool kitchen knick-knacks, art work, frames, and other random (but awesome) stuff on it. I love the contrast between a black wall and eclectic wall art. This room below helps me remember why I’m going through all the trouble of painting two of my kitchen walls black when I know darn well I’ll have to paint it back!


black accent walls in the kitchen
via Style at Home

Do you decorate your apartment kitchen or do you leave it as you moved in? If you live in a house, I’d love to hear what updates you’re working on in your kitchen. Leave a comment below.

Till next time,