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Today, I would love for you to welcome Aimee with a guest post to help you make the most of your living space. You all know how much I love to work with small spaces, because I feel as if I’m most creative in these spaces. Make sure you show Aimee some love by asking lots of questions and leaving comments! 🙂

Small houses and apartments can limit design options and make furnishings appear cramped. Don’t despair however, as a few clever tricks can help make your living space more manageable and pleasant – and even make it appear larger.

Make your living room appear larger

Remember that a small space doesn’t necessarily mean small furniture; if done well, one large piece will work better than lots of small ones, which act as ‘clutter’ in a small space. Remember to keep large furniture items in proportion to each other, and keep their shape streamlined using simple upholstery; so definitely no big flowery coverings or thick sofa arms.

Think vertical

Think about wall space as well as floor space and furnish vertically, whether with hanging art, organizing shelves or placing furniture. Tall bookcases really make the most of storage space, and a flat-screen TV will look much better mounted on the wall than freestanding on a stand or entertainment unit.

Consider the unused space in hidden corners and behind doors. Use hooks and hangers to store essential but not overly attractive items, such as cleaning products, a vacuum cleaner, etc.

Maximize light with mirrors and glass

A strategic use of mirrors and glass – not only windows, but also glass furnishings such as a glass coffee table or glass picture frames – creates reflections and enables light to bounce around the room, which helps make a room appear larger. Mirrors are almost magical in their ability to expand the perceived depth of a room and are a furnishing trick no small room should be without.

Using color

The right color scheme is essential in a small living room design. Generally, light colors help maximize light, which helps create the feeling of space. Additionally, painting the walls, ceiling, and crown moldings a unified white color will help expand the ceiling space, while lighter floor coverings have a similar effect. Don’t be afraid to use splashes of bright color, even in small spaces, but add them in small doses such as with cushion coverings or shelving boxes.

Getting rid of clutter

Have a purge on clutter. Get rid of things you don’t need or no longer use, and then organize the items you do want to keep in a way that reduces visual clutter. This is done by helping the eye view the space as a unified whole; place similar items together and store things in attractive baskets and boxes that can be

Careful furniture choices

Make careful furniture choices based upon considerations of what you actually do in your living space. For example, if you live alone and rarely entertain, a dining table is an unnecessary clutter, and your space would be better used for an attractive coffee table and TV viewing area.

The right window treatments

Heavy curtains often obscure part of the window even when they’re open; instead, opt for space saving, streamlined blinds and shutters. Blinds and shutters can help maximize space in a living room because they do not have the volume of thick drapes or curtains. In addition, they help control the passage of light, which can also help improve the feeling of space in the room.

Big is not always better

Remember that just because you live in a small space, doesn’t mean you have to live small. Today’s designers have realized that the trend towards living in the cities means that products now appearing on the market take into account urban living where space is at a premium.

Take advantage of innovative design ideas and well-established tricks. With a little consideration, a good eye and proper organization, a cozy one-bedroom apartment can have just as much appeal as a spacious five-bedroom ranch house.

– Aimee

Which of these tips do you think is most useful in YOUR space? Be sure to leave a comment and let Aimee and I know!

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