One thing that I’ll never tire of is a well-curated wall of art. I love how you can learn a lot from a person by the composition of their gallery walls. My favorite gallery walls are those that feature traditional wall art, typography prints, photography, and other pieces like faux taxidermy, candles, and sculptures.

Below are some of my favorite gallery walls that I pinned on my “Gallery Walls in the Home” Pinterest board (I’d love if you’d follow me).

First up is this really cool collection of art and prints from Burnham Design. Betsy Burnham’s design style is so inspirational, as I feel like she designs just for me. If I could actually complete one of my own spaces, pick any space from her design portfolio and I could only dream that my space could turn out just like that. I just love her style! In the photo below, I love how she used an eclectic mix of art and prints. She kept the frames quite simple, with thin lines, but each piece has different matting and is a different style from the next.

gallery walls - burnham design
Burnham Design

This gallery wall designed by Caitlin Wilson is another favorite of mine. I really like how simple, yet powerful, these pieces are together. It’s obvious that these art pieces were carefully collected and really speak to the dweller’s love of vintage art, while mixing in cool typography. The mirror grounds the space which looks to be either an entry or office area.

gallery walls - caitlyn wilson
Caitlin Wilson

Like I mentioned earlier, I love a gallery wall that incorporates 3-dimensional items, too. This one below does just that.

gallery walls - desert domicile
Desert Domicile

Emily Henderson does the best gallery walls. Her style is so funky and all her designs make you want to just jump into the space and party while listening to the soundtrack of an old 70s movie. In the space below, I love how she used large scale vintage art for the gallery wall. The super cool credenza and trees both seem to disappear into the wall, becoming apart of the gallery. Or, is it just me?

gallery walls - emily henderson
Emily Henderson

The gallery art below is one of the prettiest, with it’s defined color scheme of white, pink, red, mint, and aqua. The pieces are all similar, too, in that they’re mostly framed photos and just a couple typography prints. Some of the photos are even repeated in different sizes and frames – very cool idea.

gallery walls - les confettis
Les Confettis

Below is a peek of my gallery wall. I’m still working on it, as I’m slowing finding pieces that I love – to add on. Right now I have a couple of “Doggy Couture” magazine prints, a self-portrait that I created in design school (the first drawing that I’ve every really drawn), a vintage framed zebra drawing with leopard matting that I got from a flea market, a floral painting on canvas I created in a paint class, a Nat King Cole photo printed on antique dictionary pages from Reimagination Prints, an African sculpture that my friend’s dad brought back for me, and some pieces that are just placeholders for now.

whitney j decor
I wish I could have taken a better image, but the lighting in my apartment is terrible. This angle got me the best lighting. I’ll work on another photo to show when I find me a few more pieces to add to the gallery wall. I want my gallery wall to be a mix of different styles, shapes, and color (mostly black, white, gold, and some pops of color).

I’ll give some tips to help create your own gallery wall in a future post, but one tip I’ll leave you with is:

Always plan your gallery wall before hanging your pieces on the wall. Arrange your items on the floor, so you can get a visual of how it can look on the wall. Go a step farther by using kraft paper (by the roll) to create templates for each piece. You can mark where nails or screws should be so you can easily hang each piece.

Are you a fan of gallery walls? Which of the spaces above is your favorite?

Till next time,