Your living room should be a place to relax while also being the comfy place for your family and friends to gather. You want a place that’s stylish, chic, and cozy, while reflecting you and your family’s personality. If you’re looking to update your space, here’s some options whether your budget is limited or not.

Update Your Color Scheme

The way you and your guests feel in the space can be affected by the colors you choose for your living room. Depending on the intensity of the color and how warm or cool they are, your room can feel energizing or relaxing.  Limit your color scheme to four colors with at least one or two of those colors being a neutral, like cream or gray (yep, gray is  a neutral).

via Parker Kennedy
via Parker Kennedy

Paint Your Walls

Paint is by far one of the easiest, least expensive ways to refresh your space. You can paint a design likes stripes or stencil a more decorative pattern on the wall for more of an impact.

via The Gold Jellybean
via The Gold Jellybean

Add Fresh Plants

Plants bring life to a room. I love trees like fiddle leaf figs, because you can buy them at any size and they can grow to be rather large if you take good care of them. They’re also pretty easy to grow. Plants can also be used to bring in extra color into your space.

via Apartment Therapy
via Apartment Therapy

Insure You Have Optimal Lighting

Add table and floor lamps to increase the lighting in your room. If you have access to natural light, open up your blinds or curtains. A well lit room looks and feels inviting and fresh.

via Made by Girl
via Made by Girl

Change Your Pillows

You can also change your pillows if your living room needs to be refreshed. Both your sofa and living chairs could all benefit from new pillows.

via Pop Sugar
via Pop Sugar

Add a Rug

Adding a colorful rug to your space can really bring your room from bland and boring to fresh and fab. Rugs also ground the seating areas and can either be soft and muted, in style and color, or fun and colorful to really make an impact.

via The Design Files
via The Design Files

Add or Change Wall Art

Wall art can seriously set the tone of your space. You can choose wall art to make your space feel more fun, more serious, brighter, darker, moodier, or any other feeling you want to convey in your living room. When it goes to wall art, choose pieces that will reflect you and your home. Blank walls can make your living room look unfinished.

via Fenton & Fenton
via Fenton & Fenton

Clear Clutter

By far, an easy and effective way to update your space, clearing clutter will make your home feel fresh, clean, and more roomy. Clutter tends to make a space feel less welcoming, so organizing your living room and clearing it of items that need to be thrown away or moved to another room will make your space feel much more homey for both your family and guests.

via Tracey Ayton Photography

Making any living room updates? Tell me all about it below!

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10 comments on “10 Ways to Update Your Living Room”

  1. These are all wonderful ideas! I really love the pops of pink in the first photo, even on the ceiling. I’m not afraid of color at all, but I like what you said about limiting color to 4 colors, with 2 of them being neutrals.

    I like to change out my pillows to match the season so I buy pillow covers. I can just zip them on and off and it’s usually much cheaper.

    Great tips! Pinning!
    Alli recently posted…5 Tips to Living LongerMy Profile

  2. We are actually still in the process of updating both our living room and our den. We started the project late last summer. We repainted the entire house inside and replaced all of our flooring. I am eventually going to put it all on the blog. It is a slow process now of adding in the colors with rugs, pillows and art. I hope to recover the pillows we have myself and am ready to start thinking about which fabric to use.
    Pinning this beautiful post to my Around the House board.
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