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I’ve been leading up to this reveal for some time now.

I shared the inspiration for the space here.

And… a bunch of pics on my Instagram of small projects I was completing.

As you may know, I’m in love with small spaces and I’m on a mission to help you guys creatively decorate your own small homes. I live in a one bedroom apartment and run my business entirely from home, so it’s important that my home looks great and is functional for both living and working.

Now, that I’m done decorating my living room (well, sort of… I just have a couple more items I want to get), I can finally show you around.

whitneyjdecor living room tour
(Above) Remember the DIY faux fur bench post I did a few weeks ago? Well, I didn’t really have a place for it. When I realized I didn’t have another side table, I put it next to the sofa and I LOVE it here. I can put a solid surface on it like books or a small tray and then it’ll be functional as a place to put drinks and other small knick-knacks. Then, when I need extra seating, I can pull it out.

living room tour via

I purchased the two furry pillows from Pier1 and the black and white cow print is from my shop. I’m making more pillows to put on the sofa. I’ll update you guys when they’re finished.

living room tour via
I love black and white, so it was only right that I chose this chevron rug from RugsUSA. It’s a 100% wool rug and is extremely easy to keep clean. I’ve already had to clean up stains from my dogs dirty paws and had no problem getting the stains out.

(Below) My canvas cow art from Kirklands is one of my favorite parts of the room. It seriously makes me smile everyday. It’s not a piece I would normally chose, but I fell in love with the colors.

living room tour via
small living room tour via
I love my Nat King Cole print from Etsy, so it had to go up on the wall.

small living room tour via
small living room tour via
(Above) My sconces from Lighting Etc. are so beautiful. The design is very unique and really stands out on my gray walls. I love them next to my cow print canvas art. So unexpected.

My sconces are not installed. I usually have really ugly black cords hanging from them for light but I removed the cords for photo purposes. I’m still in the process of having the wiring done (with my landlord’s approval, of course).

small living room tour via
Check out the beaded detail.

small living room tour via
small living room tour via
I shared photos of my chairs on Instagram. I bought them for $26 a piece from Target. One was blue and the other was gray in a cotton blend fabric. The orange vinyl is such a cute pop of color in the space. I NEVER use the color orange, so everyday these are a fun surprise for me.

The beaded pillows were purchased from Pier1.

I am so glad that I used this system for my wall shelving. I purchased it from Home Depot and it’s been incredibly convenient. It’s only 12″ deep, so it doesn’t take up much space, but it’s still deep enough to put books, mags, accessories, and our TV on it. It’s also fully customizable.

small living room tour via
(Below) I couldn’t find a pot at the right size for my plant, so I simply braided some yarn and wrapped it around the pot the plant came in.

small living room tour via
Zebras are my favorite, so when I saw this zebra print chair on Etsy, I had to have it!

small living room tour via
More zebras…

small living room tour via
I purchased this vintage art from a flea market last year. It came framed. It’s probably my favorite item I’ve EVER owned.

small living room tour via
small living room tour via
The color print in the back is from one of my favorite shops on Etsy, Pikabrit. Check her out, guys!

small living room tour via
I use this basket under the shelves to hide DVDS, games, and an extra blanket.

small living room tour via
small living room tour via
small living room tour via
small living room tour via
I have a bunch of other pics that’ll I’ll share over time, but I didn’t want to make this post too long. I’d love to know what you guys think!

eclectic living room tour


Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about my living room. I would love to know!

Till next time,



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56 comments on “My Apartment: Living Room Reveal”

  1. I. Love. It. All the details are juicy!!
    The cow print, beaded pillows, the 2 side chairs, the arrangements n the shelving unit. I could go on and on. Great job!

  2. Hey Whitney! I love your space. The room is reflection of your own personal style which I adore. All of your elements came together to create a room you love. PS The link to your Etsy shop isn’t working. Is the beaded pillow from your shop from there as well?

  3. Wow…how beautiful is your living room space. I love the pieces you chose to decorate. The beaded scones thingie with the cow in the middle is just amazing! Wall frames and all, everything is truly beautiful. The best part is, even though it is so well decorated, it is not cluttered!
    Zan recently posted…Cran-Orange Scones with Orange DrizzleMy Profile

    • Katrina,
      Thanks so much, Katrina! I have a bottom shelf on my side table and the wicker truck under my wall shelves hold a lot of things, too. I make use of every surface in here.

  4. Love it! So many different elements that all works so well together. Love the shelving above the TV and the orange chairs!

  5. Omg. Love! Had to come peek at the living room after your Periscope. I’ve been dreaming about a gallery wall, and I some of your wall art has definitely inspired me. Plus, I love that it’s an apartment/small space like mine. Thanks for sharing!

    Ade | She Be Knowin

    • Thank you for dropping in, Ade! And, your sweet comments. I love my apartment so much better now. I’m going to share a before/after soon. I was hoping someone came by from Periscope! Now I know you guys were listening.


  6. Decorating small homes isn’t a big deal but the space planning is daunting. You don’t get to plan much and you always miss out a lot of things while focusing more on decoration. It would be a plus point if you share some space planning ideas too 🙂

    • Hi Algedra!!

      I share a lot of space planning tips on the blog. Search “space planning” in the sidebar. Also, if you sign up for my email list (at the top of the page), you’ll get my space planning ebook for free!


  7. Your living room is eclectically amazing. Love it…! It definitely looks so cozy. I also live in a one bedroom apartment so I know the challenges. I have started en route to minimalistic living and so my home is about to get a face lift. 🙂

  8. The design of your apartment is stunning! It all looks beautiful and really stylish! I also like living in small places. The house I live in is small and I made sure that everything is really made convenient and the furniture is easy to clean! I love the cow painting! The colors are gorgeous and the piece fits perfectly with the rest of the stuff. I’m also interested in knowing more about this rug! I am looking for this kind of rug for a while now.. You say that it is made out of wool and it is easy to clean which is exactly what I want from a rug! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  9. Can you give the details on the shelving unit in your living room, Whitney? I think something similar will work in my apartment! 🙂

    • Hey Allison! Yes, I used the Rubbermaid tracks, brackets, and shelves from Home Depot. It’s super easy to install. I’ll do a tutorial soon, so make sure you stop on by again.

  10. Thanks for sharing your living room reveal with us! I like your colorful style and decor for your living room. It seems to reflect your personality really well. I like your selection on unique living room essentials like the beaded sconces. I’ll keep those ideas in mind when I redesign my living room.

  11. Awesome Blog!

    It’s a great article. The details you have provided on your blog about the living room are very helpful. This article gives us lots of creativity regarding living rooms. With these above-mentioned ideas, we can make our living room more attractive.

    Keep Sharing 🙂

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