10 days to an organized home Starting July 1st, I’ll be doing my 10 day organization challenge. It’ll be a bit fast paced, but it will be very fun!!! Each day will be a new assignment to cleaning and organizing your home. I’ll go through ways to do this in your kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. You’ll get tangible action items and also get to see me do this, too.

There will be fun giveaways!!!

Here’s what will happen each day:

  • You’ll receive an email with your assignment of the day, along with a link to the blog post of the day.
  • You’ll get to browse through the organizing tips and links for each day to come up with a plan that works in your home.
  • You’ll work on your assignment and post photos to your social media sites (twitter, facebook, or instagram) and tag #10DaysOH.
  • You’ll automatically be entered to win a free gift.

Beyond the organizing tips and assignments, there will be loads of links to DIY and products that can help you organize your home.
10 days to an organized home challenge

Then, each day, we can talk about the daily tasks here or on my private Decor & DIY facebook page (join now, if you aren’t in the group). Trust me: this will be fast paced. The best part, though, is if you miss anything, you’ll get to catch up with my daily emails. The emails will show you everything you’ve missed. There will be tips in this challenge that everyone will find useful. I promise, if you participate, you’ll definitely have a more organized home.


I would love to know your thoughts. Give me some ideas and tell me what you want to see. SIGN UP BELOW!!!

19 comments on “10 Days to a More Organized Home Challenge”

  1. ok, I’m in. I need to organize a desk/office space. I am a product junkie with lots of hair products. Any ideas will be appreciated

  2. I’m in……I need motivation to get started, I have trouble just get ting rid of things or finding a place for things…..

    • Thank you, Kimberly! Glad to have you in the challenge. And, you’re right around the corner from me, how cool! Love meeting other local (close enough) bloggers.


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