Today is Day 4 of my 10 Days to an Organized Home challenge (#10DaysOH)!

Here are your tasks for today:

  1. Clear closet of items that don’t belong
  2. Sort your clothes by type, color, etc
  3. Organize shoes and accessories to make your closet more functional

organize closet #10DaysOH

If you’re just joining in on the challenge, check out Day 1: the KitchenDay 2: the Pantry, and Day 3: the Closet.


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Organizing your closet can be really intimidating – trust me, I know. A lot of you have told me that you weren’t looking forward to this part of the challenge. If you follow these 6 steps, it’ll be a whole lot easier. Make sure you work as quick as you can and try not to take too many breaks. If you have a really large closet and/or lots and lots of clothes, get someone to help you.

Step 1: Remove and sort each item in your closet.

Remove each piece and sort as you go. As you pull each item out, either throw it in separate piles on the floor, on the bed, or in storage baskets. You should have separate piles for items that you will “throw away”, “giveaway”, and the different clothes types: “pants”, “shirts”, and accessories (belts, bags, scarves, etc). Try to get through this process fairly fast – it’ll force you to make quick decisions. Play your favorite music while you’re sorting.

Some questions to ask yourself to help decide if an item needs to stay or go:

  • Have I worn this within the last year?
  • Does this fit?
  • Do I really need 5 black belts that look the same?

Have a box or basket for “miscellaneous” items that must be removed from your closet, like tech items, books, or anything else that can be moved to another part of your home.

Step 2: Clean/dust your closet.

Now that everything is out of the closet, you can dust your shelves and wipe them down with a mild detergent/water solution.

Step 3: Put clothes back in the closet.

I like to hang clothes in groups. All pants are hung together, all the shirts are next to each other, etc. Make sure you utilize your shelves for larger items that can be folded, like jeans and sweaters. You can also group your clothes by color (like in the photo below) instead of by type.

via Apartment Therapy
via Apartment Therapy

Step 4: Put accessories back in closet.

Now is the time to come up with creative solutions for your accessories. You can choose scarf hangers, shoe organizers for the back of your closet doors (to use for either shoes or small accessories), or plastic storage organizers to place at the top or bottom of your closet. Having a separate bin for each item with labels help you keep track of all your accessories and make it easier for you to put things back once you’re done with it.

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Step 5: Put shoes back in closet.

It can get frustrating to organize your shoes in the closet, because if you have many pairs, they can take up a lot of space. You can neatly put them on your floor or get short cubbies to stack them on top of each other. Another option is to keep your shoes in their shoeboxes and neatly stack them either at the top or bottom of the closet.

via Apartment Therapy
via Apartment Therapy

Step 6: Add laundry baskets.

Most people store their laundry baskets in the closet. If you’re limited on closet space, find a really cute decorative laundry basket and store it outside of the closet in the bedroom. This one from ********** is a great solution. If you have the extra space for your laundry basket to go in the closet (or just prefer it) try these below from Rubbermaid
. They’re stackable, saving space and making it super easy to sort laundry.

***This post contains some affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if a purchase is made. Any item that I suggest is always either one that I have, one that I want, or one that I thoroughly researched to make sure it was a quality product.***

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