5 reasons to have a yard saleHaving a yard sale to sell your unwanted items can be great if you need to clear your home and make some cash. Yard sales can be extremely successful if you’re selling items that are useful, organized, and priced right. Plan ahead of time to make sure details are in order and that you have a plan of action the day of your garage sale.

Here are 3 reasons why you should give a garage sale:

You can meet new people and interact with neighbors that you don’t usually talk to. Garage sales can be considered social events, as people are discussing items that they need, asking questions about an item of interest, and showing excitement for the garage sale. Be sure to get your guests’ contact info (name, email and/or phone), so you can call, email, or text when you have another sale.

Clear your home of things you no longer want/need. This should be your ultimate goal. Holding a yard sale helps you get rid of unwanted items and organize your home. A clearer, less cluttered home relieves stress and can make your home feel cleaner and fresher. Removing these unwanted items from your home makes room for new items that you love. Yard sales are also great for those broken items that you don’t need, but didn’t want to throw away, because they were either too expensive or can easily be fixed.

Make some extra money. No, you won’t get rich from holding a yard sale, but if it’s successful, you’ll have extra money to spend on new stuff for your home or to help pay a few bills.

Have you ever heard of the YardSailr app? It’s available on both iPhones and Androids and makes selling your items easy. Post your ad in minutes for free! Buyers can find sales by searching for specific terms or browsing the various categories. They can get date, time, and location of items for sale with photos so they know what the items look like. The app is super cool, because they can see all sales on the map near a specific location. Download the app and let me know what you think!

So, have you had a yard sale or planning on having one? Share in the comment section some tips for having a successful sale.

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