August 18, 2015

Pendant Lighting for Any Style in Any Room

If you’ve been on my blog for even a short period of time, you can probably tell that I LOVE lighting. I’m one of those designers that love to see bold lighting choices (like the sconces from Lighting Etc. that I chose for my living room). So, when I checked out Parrot Uncle’s gorgeous pendant lighting, I could have died!

Parrot Uncle has a bit of everything. For any design style. For any room. I saved this one to my desktop, so I never forget about it. If I don’t use get to use this pendant in an upcoming project, I’ll die. Not literally, but… yes, literally.

modern style polyhedron shape wooden pendant light

modern style polyhedron shape wooden pendant light

And, about their Tiffany pendant lights *gasp*…
Gah! *faints*

tiffany light

tiffany style stained glass pendant light with pink rose patterns

Okay, I’m back. This one is pretty and feminine. It looks super soothing. I imagine putting it in a soft entryway with soft blush pink on the walls and a large bouquet English roses set on the console table. Or, a kitchen that needs a bit of character.

Dang. I found another one… *faints*

tiffany light

gemstone decorated tiffany style pendant light with fishnet patterns

Obviously, I have a thing for Tiffany style lighting. I can just picture the last one in a burlesque bar. Or, in my bathroom. Or, my bedroom. I’ll wear one as an umbrella, but I digress…

Parrot Uncle’s modern pendant lights are also awesome! This one is probably one of my favorites (and there were PLENTY to choose from).


modern pendant light

cool light pendant light with clear glass outer shade in terrine shape

Now, you gotta admit… this is gorgeous. I know I always talk about how much I like to go bold when it comes to lighting, but I really love how simple this pendant is. It’s totally clear, but if you need a bit more color, it also comes in a “warm” model that has a hint of yellow. They’d be perfect in any room that needs a bit of light, but you don’t want it to take center stage. You can see it, but it’s more like a soft accessory, like a thin chain necklace with a small diamond pendant, than a big, bold statement necklace.

Lastly, I HAVE to share with you some of their super cool industrial pendants.


9 lights industrial pendant lights

9 lights rustic industrial style adjustable pendant light with triple levels



loft style pendant light

loft style pendant light with iron shade

While I was searching through this category, I kept thinking to myself that I would only search through the first few pages, but I seriously went through too many pages to count. I just couldn’t get enough!!


industrial glam pendant

4 lights industrial style crystal pendant light

This one is just my style: industrial and glam. Check out the crystals contrasted against the black iron frame!! Gah!! This pendant light (and similar ones) bring uniqueness and sparkle to any room.

**I was compensated by Pendant Lighting for this post, but the opinions are 100% my own.  I truly love every light I’ve featured and can’t wait to choose one for my own home!!**

So, which one is your favorite? What’s your favorite style of pendant lighting?

Till next time,



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