I’m super excited to say that I’m finally ready to reveal photos of my home office!! It’s technically my dining room, but I do more working than eating anyway…


It’s been a super fun project and I’m so much more happier in my small space.

Here’s what the space looked like initially:

home office before

I couldn’t find ANYTHING!! I actually did most of my work (except sewing) from my sofa, because I seriously got tired of moving stuff to make room for my laptop or trying to figure out where I last put a folder. It was just easier to keep all my important stuff on my coffee table.

This space has a whole new look, I’ve got my dining room back! Check it out here!

I had tons of clutter everywhere and no permanent place to put anything. I really wanted a space that was organized, stylish, and provided enough space for a worktable that I can use for sewing – that could also be cleared for eating.

Then, I did my 10 Days to an Organized Home challenge and had no choice but to organize and get rid of most of the clutter, old paperwork, fabric books, and anything else that I knew I wouldn’t need.


I couldn’t find the photos of the other side, but trust me… it was 100% better and I felt FREE!! Shortly after my organization challenge, I shared my plan for this space. I was so tired of trying to blog, work on design projects, sew, and craft without a dedicated space for all my equipment and supplies. I couldn’t even use the space for eating, because I just didn’t have enough space to fit a table. The one I had was super tiny and really tall. Definitely not ideal for everyday eating.

When I discovered Organized Living on Twitter, I KNEW I had to have their FreedomRail system for my office. It was the perfect system to help get myself on track.

I was able to design my system with Organized Living’s super easy design tool and once it was all ordered, I painted my space the same color as in my living room. Once I received the product, it was super easy to install (I’ll share more about the installation process in a future post), so I had the entire system up within 2 hours. 2 hours! In 2 hours I seriously got my life together!

I chose baskets for one end of the system, a desk in the center, and shelves and a few drawers (including a file cabinet) on the other end.

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

These baskets are extremely convenient, because I’m literally going through these fabric samples everyday. But, I’m a bit torn on whether or not I want to sew some sort of fabric liner for the inside of the baskets to keep from seeing the samples from the outside. I’d love to know what you guys think about that. Sometimes it looks a bit cluttered and sometimes it doesn’t bother me at all.

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor
small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

These were plain, brown cardboard boxes from Hobby Lobby that I covered with leopard print scrapbook paper and attached cross knobs. Aren’t they cute??? Gah!!

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

This view is probably my favorite, because it really reflects just how much more organized I am. The shelves are perfect. The drawers are perfect. Each and every single thing I use each day (or items I don’t use as often) has its own home.

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

I’m in LOVE with this vase from Etsy! Since I’ve gotten it, I’ve moved it all around my apartment. For now, it’s going to stay here. That’s an air plant inside. It doesn’tt need soil, just a mist of water every couple of days (or even less). Easy peasy!

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

These black and white magazine files from Office Depot are where I store all the crap important stuff I use daily. It’s so much easier to have it all here, than sprawled around on my sofa, floor, or desk.

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

I just had to have this blue tray and lucite box (from Hobby Lobby). All of my little pink accessories have a spot to stay organized that I can easily get to. And, yes, I use them ALL THE TIME.

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

These marquee letters came from Target. On clearance! I think they were $1.50 per letter and came with the lights and bulbs. I used this arrow scrapbook paper to jazz them up a bit.

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

I’m still working on my gallery wall and made sure to mostly use pieces that I love – which I’m a strong advocate of. I often talk on Periscope (download the app and follow me!) about how to decorate your home and one of the things I always mention is:

I use my worktable for sewing and crafting, but I can also use it for small dinner parties. I bought these cute chairs in the perfect color, bringing in the blue from my living room.

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

Some of these pieces used to be in my living room, but I’m making some changes there for the holiday season. The zebra art with leopard matting is probably my favorite item in my home.

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

I was given this black candle a couple years ago in my first gift swap. I’ve always loved it. The wooden figure is a gift from a friend’s father. He bought it when he worked in Africa.

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

I placed more air plants on top of some rocks in my cute pink bowl.

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

I made this cork board with wood, cork drawer liner, and white fabric. I then used decorative nailheads to swag it out a bit. I LOVE how it turned out. I’m one of those people that absolutely have to have some sort of corkboard (or magnetic board). If not, I’m a total mess.

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor

My super cute Whitney J Decor mug. I’ve cracked it, but always keep it close to me. Now, I use it for just about whatever: pens, paperclips, and just random little items.

small home office tour via Whitney J Decor
***Organized Living sent me the FreedomRail system to review, but opinions and photos are 100% mine. I am IN LOVE with my new office and recommend the FreedomRail system to anyone looking to organized their home (not just the office).***

So, what do you think? 100% improvement from before, right? Would the FreedomRail system work in your home office? I’d love to know! Drop me a comment below!


small home office tour
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114 comments on “My Apartment: Small Home Office/Dining Room Reveal”

  1. Love this and definitely 100% better!
    Hope your super proud of yourself!
    I’d probably see liners in the basket (if I knew how!) as I like less clutter but my friends like that look- it inspires them.
    Well done you! You’ve inspired me to have a good old sort through too 🙂

    • Thank you, Zoe!! Having the baskets are definitely inspiring for design projects, I can simple see what the fabrics from the outside. And, it’s so great with a fabric “jumps out at me” and can be the starting point for a color scheme. Thanks for dropping by!

    • Yes, so much better! But, to be honest, I’m still doing some work on the sofa, I guess my body has to get used to being back at a desk. But, at least I still have an organized place to keep all my files and daily tasks sheets. Don’t have to drag them in my living room as before!

    • Hey Jacqulyn! Thanks for your lovely comment. It’s 100% better to work here than before. I know where everything is and it just looks a whole lot prettier. Thanks for dropping by! Good luck with your craft room!

  2. You knocked it out of the park. Talk about living up to the Organized Living challenge. I’m impressed. And, I think fabric liners would be a nice touch. Something with black would calm all of the fabric color swatches down a bit. Beautiful office.

    • Thanks, Mary! I was initially thinking the same thing about the fabric liners, but now I’m thinking about going with a very light, white linen. I thought I would be okay with seeing the fabrics all the time, but now they’re starting to irk me a bit! Thanks for dropping by!

    • Thank you, April! A well-organized home office certainly motivates you to get more work done, so I’m glad to have been able to redo my space! Thanks for dropping in!

    • Thanks so much, Reelika! It was so hard getting good photos, because the lighting in my apartment is pretty bad. But, nothing my umbrella lights couldn’t help out with! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Looks so great! I love the decorations! I wish I could do stuff like that…I just have no decorating sense whatsoever. I live for functional but when it comes time to make something pretty? No clues! It basically looks like a college radio DJ and a college gamer live at my house, lol. And both of those imaginary people are boys.
    Jebbica recently posted…Food & Fitness Friday: 09-25-2015My Profile

    • Thank you so much, Grace! I love my new space and always look forward to working in it! There are ways to make your area work for you. Even though you’re in a small spot in your living room, you can use the wall space above your computer desk or even build a small 4′ system similar to mine with the FreedomRail components. If you need some help brainstorming, let me know! Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Wow you really transformed that space. I love everything about it. What a difference. I am an organized person to a fault and so things like this, excite me, lol. You have so many clever little ideas to make this space your own and to show your personality. And yes, I would use the FreedomRail system.

    • Awesome! What I love most about the FreedomRail system is the versatility. I love that I can switch things without having to actually make additional holes in the wall. Just rearrange the components that I already have or buy more to add to the system. Easy peasy. Thank you so much for dropping by!

  5. Your home office is my office goals.I’m moving out with my other half in a month and the first thing I want to do is decorate my home office yes not the bedroom bathroom or kitchen my home office lol thanks for the good pointers.I’m going to pin this so I can look back and figure it out thanks.


    • I can definitely understand wanting to start with your home office. I mean, it’s the room I spend the most time in, so I had to make sure it was comfy and organized! Thanks for pinning this post!

  6. Love what you’ve done the to space! Now as I am looking around me I realized the time has come for me to attack my living space. And I mean, attack! So much stuff needs to go, so much to declutter! I am bookmarking your 10 Days to an Organized Home, and starting now! Thank you for giving me a gentle push 🙂
    Lana recently posted…Cinnamon, Nut and Raisin Roll.My Profile

  7. That looks fantastic! My son recently left for college and I’ve got my eyes on his room for my office 🙂 I’ll be remembering some of your ideas! I really like the wire drawers, the plants, and the furs…. Thanks for sharing!

  8. It’s crazy that we let things get so cluttered, but I think you have to get to that point and then do that complete makeover like you did to know what you need and where to put stuff. You office is amazing.

  9. I love your redesign and although I can’t use it in my current apartment, you’ve given me a few ideas for things I do need to do. I love the baskets without lining; gives it a more industrial feel, I think. Excellent blend of color, space use, design and personal flare! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  10. Lovely job! Isn’t it funny how the unorganized stuff seems to “slump” and all end up down on the floor, and then the top of the room seems so incredibly empty? And the room feels “slumpy” and the energy just bogs down.

    When i saw your “before” pic, my first thought was, “ooh, build up–you need shelves that take things *up*!”

    My one wish for you is that you could create some “visual calm” on the shelf with the fabric sample books. The top handles drape all over the place and make it look so much more messy than it is. Can you put a curtain down the front, or snip the handles, or even just fold double them over on one another so they don’t drape, a nd then secure with an extra-tight cable tie?

    Then each book would have a single tidy-ish black line across it instead of all these multiple black loops draping everywhere.

    If I’m not mistaken, the loops are mostly for hanging the books, right?

    I suppose that’s another way you could handle them; putting long hooks in the back of the bookcase. But that wouldn’t make them accessible. This structure (lying on their backs) means you can grab any one of them.

    I’m so glad you were able to get a work/dining table into the room! I’m just a home sewer and crafter, and I do all my work (and kids’ costume fabrication) on the dining-room table. I wouldn’t be able to do anything if I didn’t have that workspace!

    • Hey Toots!
      I had to take a double look at my shelves, and you’re right it does look a tad bit messy (looks a bit messier than they do on the photo, too). Thank you for all the tips, they would totally work if the loops bothered me. But, they’re not that bad, to me. I can totally see them bothering a super neat person, though. The thing is, I use these books almost every day, so it’s a lot easier to just pull them off the shelf and put them back without trying to line up the loop handles. Trying to keep them really neat would be a lot of work. That’s why I got rid of half of them. Still, I’ll probably be side-eyeing them a bit after this comment, LOL. Thanks for dropping by!


  11. Really like the organizational changes.

    Your last shot of your dining room got me thinking it would be nice if you had some sort of effortless, curtain you could pull across during non-work hours – help your turn off and make it more of a dining room for when guests are their. Maybe gauzy curtain, metal bead chains, something that fits your style, takes no space, doesn’t intrude when not in use, etc.

    Someone might have already suggested this. Number of comments have been too many for me to read them all!!

    • Thanks for your suggestions, Amy!! I thought about maybe using a light-weight linen curtain hung from the ceiling, but I prefer the openness and didn’t think it would be worth the hassle. I may revisit this idea, though, now that the holidays are among us!

  12. I love the overall transformation of your home office space. It is creatively design which is very conducive for working at home. I believe that office space design should be a reflection of who you are, because designing it is based on your preference and personality.

  13. I’m all the way late but this is everything!!! I’m moving in the next few weeks and as I’m looking at apartments I’ve been trying to figure out how to fully sacrifice a dining room for an office, but I don’t have to. I LOVE this! #BLMGirl

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