While I love a colorful space (see my living room), I really, really love black and white spaces. Black and white is one of the most classic color schemes and is extremely versatile.

Black and white is sophisticated and sleek, and is the perfect backdrop for an accent color to really make a room pop. The high contrast of black and white can also provide drama and elegance. A black and white color scheme can also be used in a fun, quirky room.

To me, the best-looking black and white rooms are those with contrast and/or a pop of color, and is layered well with different textures. Personally, I feel black and white rooms missing these elements appear to be flat and boring.

Here are some ways to pull-off a black and white room. Use one of two of these tips to elevate your black and white room, or use 2 or more for a more eclectic look.

Use brown wood pieces.

Brown wood pieces, like furniture and accessories look great in black and white rooms. The contrast elevate the pieces in the room, making them look unique and expensive.

how to pull off a black and white room
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Bring in translucent and/or glass furniture.

Glass and/or translucent furniture makes a room feel glamorous and depending on the shape of the piece, can also look make a room look modern. I love ghost chairs and acrylic furniture for black and white spaces. They are especially great for small spaces, because they don’t take up space visually.

how to pull off a black and white room
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Use contrasting art.

I love seeing black and white rooms with artwork that’s either framed in black frames with white matting or white frames with black matting. Having a bit of color in the artwork is great, too. Bold color is better (my personal opinion). But, whatever your do, make sure you go with art that makes a statement.

Add an accent color.

Don’t be afraid to add an accent color. Red, lime green, fuchsia, and turquoise all make great pops of color in black and white rooms. You can choose to have one instance of the color, as in a big piece of furniture or choose to sprinkle the color around the room.

Add dramatic wall treatments.

You can’t go wrong with black and white stripes. I love wide, horizontal, black and white stripes on window treatments, but solid color drapes in a bold color, like fuchsia, gold, or even a blush color, looks amazing in black and white spaces. Silk (and silk-look) and heavy-weight linen drapes are the awesome materials for dramatic drapes.

Mix patterns.

Mix the scale of the patterns in your fabrics. Have small, medium, and large scale patterns to keep the color scheme from becoming a bore.

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via Design Sponge


Bring in lots of texture.

Use a variety of textures in all your furnishings: soft, hard, fluffy, shiny, smooth, rough, etc. Mixing textures will make your black and white room feel more luxe and comfy.

how to pull off a black and white room
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Add plants and flowers.

how to pull off a black and white room
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So there you are. These tips are in no way “rules of engagement” when decorating with a black and white color scheme. One thing to remember is that your space must reflect YOU and your design style. Make sure to go with what you truly love and you will ALWAYS love it.

Do you love black and white rooms? Leave me a comment below.

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