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My DIY challenges are super fun!! I’m so excited to announce that we’re making SNOW GLOBES this month! Here’s how the DIY challenge works:

  • You sign up for the DIY challenge below (or if you’re already signed up, check your inbox) and check your inbox for the email from me. You must reply back in order to receive your assignment.
  • I send you an “assignment”, which is essentially a color, material, or theme that you must incorporate into your project. You’re free to interpret this anyway you’d like, just make sure you’re actually creating the project of the month. This month we’re doing SNOW GLOBES.
  • You have until the 20th of each month to complete your project, then you have to upload the finished design in our Facebook group.
  • Go through the group and see everyone’s project.
  • I’ll be giving away one gift each month to one lucky participant of the challenge. It could be one of my pillow covers, books, decorative accessories, or anything else from a brand sponsor. The only thing that you have to do to be automatically entered into the challenge is participate by signing up and revealing your project by the due date.

Last month we made centerpieces. Click here to see mine and the other projects participants made for the challenge.

This month we’re making SNOW GLOBES!! You can use your snow globe however you choose. But, I want you to create a snow globe that you would actually place in your home.

The challenge is that you’ll have to use a color, material, or theme that I’ll assign to you!

So, now it’s time to sign up. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive your email with your assignment and more info. You’ll also receive two reminder emails and an email each month for the upcoming challenge. Projects must be completed and uploaded to our Facebook group on December 20th.

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Can’t wait to see your snow globes! Have any ideas for future DIY challenges? Leave a comment below.

Till next time,