I love this time of the year when I can bring out the holiday decor.

I’ve been so blessed to work with the Home Depot on not just one or two projects, but four! I did the Holiday Style Challenge (2014), the Patio Challenge (2015), and the Concrete DIY Challenge. I recently was asked to participate again as a style blogger for the Home Depot and was super excited to do another Holiday Style Challenge.

Remember my holiday decor from last year? Home Depot sent me a gorgeous pre-lit tree, hundreds of ornaments, and other holiday decor to show how I decorate for Christmas. Here’s my tree from last year:

traditional holiday decor - styled christmas tree for the Home Depot

This year, I was asked to decorate a mantle. The thing is…

I don’t have a mantle.


So, I asked the Home Depot if it was okay to style my media center, instead, and they said yes!

I LOVE Christmas time, so holiday projects are always super fun!

I went pretty simple with the holiday decor, because sometimes less is a whole lot more. I LOVE how it turned out! Here’s how I styled my DIY media center:

holiday decor for christmas media center styled for the Home Depot

I love to add holiday decor to my current styling, instead of completely moving stuff to make room for the holiday decor. I love to see people go all out like that, but it’s just not my style. That’s why you still see all my decorative accents on the top of my media center.

I’m still looking for some holiday pillows (I think I’m going to DIY some), but I’m really loving the bright orange of my chairs. Even though it’s not a traditional Christmas color, the chairs are super fun and festive.

Check out my post on the Home Depot to see lots more pics, and learn how I installed my media center.  Make sure to go over and leave a comment and share with your friends!

Till next time,