Your living room is usually the first and last room you (and guests) see in your home. So, this room is understandably one of the most important rooms to decorate in a home. Getting a fabulous space isn’t hard if you have a plan and always go with what you love.

If you’ve learned anything from me, you know I like to give ACTIONABLE tips that you can take to actually make a difference in your home.

Here are 3 ways to transform your living room:

faux leather pillow and white faux fur pillow via
Taupe faux leather pillow and white faux fur pillow available in my shop.

1. Change the pillows on your sofa

I talk so much about how much pillows can really update a room. Whether you use new pillows on your bed, a chair (or two), or your sofa, pillows are bound to give a room a new pop of interest that is probably needed. By changing the pillows on your sofa, you’ll not only be able to inject a dose of your style/personality (depending on what kind of pillows you use), but also add some color and make your sofa feel (and look) more inviting. Pillows can be changed as often as you’d like and moved from room to room.

Now, let me say this: DON’T go and buy a bunch of pillows that are small, like 16” or 18”. You need to layer pillows of different sizes on your sofa. I love to go for this formula: two at 22” or 24”, two at 20”, and one (or two) at 16” or 18”. If you’re looking for some ideas, check out this post of 4 ways to style a sofa and you can also check out my shop. I have a bunch of beautiful pillow covers to choose from.

blue living room curtains via
My living room curtains came from Pier1.

2. Add curtains (or change them) on your windows

I’ve noticed that a lot of people neglect their windows, especially apartment dwellers and renters. If you have beautiful windows with amazing views, by all means, keep your windows bare and let’s not hide the view. But, if your windows aren’t very nice and the view is even worse, then you NEED to have some sort of window treatment.

You can go with nice wood blinds, but if you have plastic mini-blinds (that you can’t change), you NEED curtains. Curtains are the perfect way to add more color and style to your living room. If you want something unique, get with me to come up with a custom solution for you, but you can also find some FABULOUS curtains in a retail store, like Target, Pottery Barn, etc.

If you already have curtains and still feel like your living room isn’t very great, you may want to think about changing them.

blue, eclectic guest bathroom via
This isn’t a living room, but I love this shade of blue (Blue Danube by Benjamin Moore)I recently used to transform a client’s guest bathroom.

3. Paint your walls

Painting your walls a new color will do WONDERS for any room. It will breathe new life to your living room and you’ll start to be inspired in a totally different way. You can make your living room evoke a certain mood depending on the color you choose to paint it: dark colors usually are moody, bright colors are usually more light and airy, pastels can make a room feel whimsical, soft, innocent, etc.

If you’re unsure what color to paint, but definitely WANT to paint, check out my post: 3 No-Fail Ways to Choose Paint Colors.

Painting your walls can make your living room feel like a totally new room and along with changing the pillows on the sofa and adding (or changing) curtains, your room can be transformed into one with lots of personality and style.

Renters and Apartment Dwellers:

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So, what updates have you recently made in your living room? Leave me a comment below.

Till next time,