You guys know I’m not into trends.

I like to think of myself as a sort of design rules rebel. When I see a design style or design element start to trend, I try to stay away from it. (I’ve been caught slipping a few times, though – those doggone fiddle fig trees GIVE ME LIFE! I’ve killed about 4 already.)

Now that’s me, but I do find it interesting to see how things start trending in interiors.
Go to 10 design blogs right now (well, after you’ve left this one, of course) and I’m sure at least 7 or 8 of them have posted about what’s trending in 2016. So, although I WAS going to write about what’ll be popping in 2016, this whole “rebel” thing got me thinking…

How about I talk about the things that I want to see in 2016 and not necessarily what I think will be trending. Mmkay?

Rose Gold Metals

I’m crazy about rose gold and there’s this pinkish-copper that I’ve been seeing around the web that has been making me design crazy – but in a good way. I just want to use it everywhere. If I was into the ultra-feminine spaces, I would have this color as the main metal in the room. Accessories… hardware… everything! But, the room doesn’t have to be “feminine” to have a bit of rose gold. Any room can use a little pink.
The thing is, this pinkish shade will actually be trending anyway, because Rose Quartz was chosen as one of Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year. It’s not the exact shade of pink, but I think that because of this new Color of the Year, all shades of pink will be making a comeback. Yes!!!

rose gold light
I’ll take 3 of these pendants, please!

Formal Dining Rooms

This might seem like a total contradiction of me (if you’ve been following my blog for some time), because I don’t usually like fancy-smancy, just-for-decoration, don’t-touch-nothing, you-break-it-you-buy type of rooms. And, to me, that’s what a lot of formal dining rooms look like. But… I’m actually ready to embrace these rooms. I’ve done a bit of growing up and I think I can actually conduct myself like an adult in a formal dining room. I THINK (emphasis on think) I can actually enjoy this space. So, I’m KIND OF (emphasis on kind of) looking forward to seeing these rooms.

I think.

Formal dining rooms are pretty, but sometimes they can be a bit over the top. But, I like this one from ZGallerie!

No, I’m ready. Seriously. I ready. I’m really looking forward to seeing more formal dining rooms with beautifully set tables, gorgeous linens, amazing buffets, great lighting, the whole experience.

I think.

Just don’t be surprised if this changes.

Fancy Cocktail Parties

Now this one, I know I’m ready for. There’s been a huge surge in fancy parties these last few years. If you go on Pinterest, you’ll see hundreds of images of gorgeous tables set for small parties, fancy cocktail recipes, and DIY party décor. I’m all for the fancy parties!! OMG, I’m excited just thinking about how I’m going to have my own fun, cocktail parties this year. Don’t worry, you guys are invited!!

cocktail party
You’ll seriously want to have a party everyday if you follow The House That Lars Built. She has the most amazing tutorials. For my next party (you’re invited, don’t worry), I’m doing a balloon arch like this one!
I love this gorgeous bar cart in this room designed by my spirit design bff Emily Henderson.

Colorful Spaces

Ughhhhh!! I’ve been seeing way too many white, brown, and gray rooms on my Pinterest and Instagram feeds lately. I like those spaces, too, but I NEED to see more color this year. Neutral is becoming an epidemic. Neutral with a “pop of color” has been trending way too long. This year I want to see color with a “pop of neutral”!!. Mmmkay? I want to see lots of color. BOLD color. Unusual color schemes. And, unique colorful design elements.

contact me if you need me to design a special, colorful space for you!
This room has a white backdrop, but all the color totally takes over without being "too much". This Oh Joy's studio, designed by Emily Henderson.
This room has a white backdrop, but all the color totally takes over without being “too much”. This Oh Joy’s studio, designed by Emily Henderson.
Jessica Buckley has such a unique point of view when it comes to interiors and it’s evident in all her amazing projects. I love this view of her living room from her house tour with Apartment Therapy.

Ultra-Sleek, Techy Appliances

Now this one won’t be the most accessible thing on my list, because the more tech-y the appliance, the more expensive it. But, they’re so cool and beautiful, ermygawd!! These new appliances (at least the better models) are super energy efficient, ultra-quiet, sleek, and have beautiful LED lighting with fun electrical controls.

If I win the 1.4 bil Powerball on Wednesday, I’m buying this Samsung Showcase Side-by-Side fridge. I didn’t buy a lottery ticket, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed, because miracles happen ALL THE TIME!


Eclectic Spaces with Unique Decorative Accents

I feel like the word “eclectic” is used way too freely. I mean, sure, it’s a very convenient word to use when you can’t pinpoint the design style. And, I definitely define MY design style as eclectic, but I think the rooms that I see with the same label aren’t so much eclectic as much as they are just “undefined” (if that makes sense). To me, eclectic rooms aren’t hard to figure out. Eclectic spaces mix “the old” with “the new”, the modern with the traditional, the golds with the silvers, the hards with the softs (stay with me, guys)… you get the drift. What eclecticism is not: a big, giant, mess full of stuff thrown together with no real thought.

You can’t see the entire room, but Brian Patrick Flynn ALWAYS gets it right. I LOVE his design style. And, everything about this bedroom is unique, from the oversize, classic (and masculine) headboard, to the style of the nightstand, to the amazing vintage light fixture.

In an eclectic space, you’ll see repetition, great scale and proportion, layered textures, and cohesive colors and patterns. Yes, there may be some mismatch elements, but together the room will be balanced.

This year, I want to see more eclectic spaces with fun, unique design elements. Like really cool wallpaper. Or, an amazing sofa upholstered in an unexpected fabric. Or, a super cool sculpture. I’m drooling just thinking about this space.

I can't wait to use this Sheila Bridges wallpaper in a room. I LOVE this! This would be such a unique accent that would make an awesome impact in any room.
I can’t wait to use this Van Doe Sheila Bridges wallpaper in a room. I LOVE this! It would be such a unique accent that would make an awesome impact in any room.


More concentration on function over beauty

Now this one, you guys know about me. I have had so many people reach out to me for design services that have purchased stuff that are uncomfortable, don’t fit, or not useful. There are a lot of cheap, uncomfortable, but pretty sofas being sold right now. There are so many super cute pieces of furniture that are falling apart a few months later… you’re probably looking at one right now. (Don’t hate me!!) I’m sure that $20 pillow looked great when you bought it, but it’s probably stiff as a board and not very cuddly.

(I’m all about that cuddly pillow life. Check out my shop!)

This year, I really want to see more ultra-comfy, ultra-functional rooms that are also beautiful. I know it’s possible! Say it with me guys: DON’T BUY ACCESSORIES (OR ANYTHING ELSE), UNTIL I’VE GOT A PLAN AND A BUDGET! Now, write that on a sticky note and put it where you’ll see it. I’m only telling you this, because I hate to see you waste money. This year, I’d like to see homes with sensible floor plans and easy to maneuver furniture layouts.

More Global Design Elements

I’m an African wax print fanatic, so you’ll see some new pillows in my shop in these colorful, graphic patterns. This year I want to see lots of African wax prints and other ethnic design elements. I want to see large Ethnic photography, sculptures, textiles, and globally inspired interiors. I want to see rooms that tell stories of world travels and cultures. To me, these types of rooms are the most interesting.


via Penny Farthing Design House


So, I am dying to know… what are you guys looking forward to see in interiors this year?

Till next time,