I can’t believe I’m JUST getting to sharing my bathroom decor!

I’ve totally failed you guys!

I painted and decorated my bathroom almost a whole year ago.

small blue apartment bathroom

My bathroom is really small so there isn’t a whole lot to see here, but I LOVE being in this space everyday. I never get tired of the blue on the walls, because it’s the only bold color in my apartment (besides the one wall of black in my kitchen). The color is Tibetan Turquoise by Behr Marquee, my favorite brand of paint ever.

My cabinet was already white, but when I painted the walls, I gave the cabinet a fresh coat of white paint and new, crystal knobs.

I pretty much stuck to black, white, and silver. I added some glass and mirrored accents, because I didn’t want anything heavy making my bathroom feel cluttered. If you have a small bathroom, keep in mind that lots of different colors, large accessories, and different materials will weigh your space down visually. Don’t just get something, because it’s trendy. Make sure the piece will “fit” and make sense in your bathroom. In the case of a small bathroom, “less” is certainly “more”.

small blue apartment bathroom

I can’t find my before photos, ugh!! I wish you could have seen what I was working with before I moved here. I switched out the tiny medicine cabinet with this gorgeous gray, metal one. I even added a couple small shelves on the wall next to the mirror to hold some toiletries (that I removed for photo purposes, because that’s how I roll, ya know!).

small blue apartment bathroom

small blue apartment bathroom

These hammered accessories are from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and the gorgeous faucet was sent to me from Pfister Faucets. It’s the best thing ever. So luxe! It took me 20 minutes (tops) to remove the old faucet and replace it with this one from Pfister.

small blue apartment bathroom

small blue apartment bathroom

small blue apartment bathroom

small blue apartment bathroom


I made this concrete shelf for the Home Depot DIY Challenge, where we (myself and other bloggers) were asked to create a project using concrete. I knew I wanted to do a shelf in my bathroom, but I already have the smaller ones on the wall next to the mirror; I didn’t want to overwhelm my walls with a bunch of small shelves. The room is already small. So, I opted to do this one in concrete, because it’s larger (in depth) than most wall shelves, it’s unconventional (because how many people do concrete shelves?), and it’s super practical (sitting right above the toilet, it helps me maximize that space on top of the toilet that would normally be unusable – the top of my toilet is not a flat surface).

I’ve been moving my Ponytail Palm all over my apartment; I love it so much! Across from the toilet is a towel bar. I still haven’t decided what to put above the bar yet. Nothing fancy over there, so hopefully you’re okay with missing a pic (because I forget to take one, LOL).

So, that’s my bathroom decor! Small changes with big impact. I know a lot of you are scared to make changes in your apartment, because you’re scared to lose your deposit. If you want to learn more about updating a rental without spending all your money or losing your rental deposit, grab my eBook.

And, in case you’re not following me on Periscope (take care of that, mmkay!), I shared a live tour last night. You can watch it below. Be sure to leave me some hearts!

I love my bathroom, do you? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below!

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