Whether you’re a business owner, blogger, or someone that works from home, you need a dedicated space to conduct work and/or business tasks. This is important to ensure that you have your “ish” together.

Having a home office space that’s organized and comfortable is super important in becoming successful at work and in business.

via The Every Girl
via The Every Girl

Here’s some tips for making the most of your home office space:

Define your home office space.

Define the space that you want to use as your office. A desk and chair does the trick. If your space is small, like in a corner of your living room, there are plenty space-saving and apartment sized desks. Defining your office space is really just about figuring out where you’re going to set up shop and sticking to it. So, if you don’t have enough space for a desk, you can use your dining room table as your “office”. When defining your office space, you also need to make sure you set up everything you need to effectively get work done, like your laptop, printer, etc.

Expand your home office space.

If you’re crammed in a tiny area, like in a small corner of a room, it may be time for you to expand your office space. If you can’t dedicate a separate room entirely to your office, you should think about rearranging your furniture in your living room, dining room, or bedroom to give you more space for your office area. You may find that a different furniture layout can maximize your space, while giving more square footage to dedicate to your office. Check out my online space planning services if you need help with space planning.

home office decor
My dining room turned home office has become one of my favorite projects to date. I used Organized Living’s FreedomRail system to maximize dining room by designing this space-saving wall shelving solution.

Make sure your home office space is comfortable.

This is extremely important. If your office area is uncomfortable, you won’t want to spend a lot of time in it, which can cause you to get less work done. Forgo the $35 Walmart office chair for one that is comfy on your butt and provides back support. A lot of people are going the stylish route of using living or comfortable dining chairs for office chairs. I love the look, too. But, the reality is that the living chairs are made for lounging (not sitting straight up, like you’ll need for office work) and dining chairs aren’t always comfy enough to be seated in for long periods of time. There are plenty of great office chairs that are comfortable and cute. To increase the comfort level even more, add a lumbar pillow for lower back support, light a scented candle or two, and play your favorite tunes on low.

Decorate your home office.

No one wants to work in a bland, lifeless office space. It’s uninspiring and boring. Figure out a color scheme and utilize it throughout your office area. Add plants and decorative boxes and baskets. Use cute folders, pencils, pens, and notebooks. I can show you how to style a desk for a blogger, a fashionista, and a crafter, but it’s important that you bring in your own style, too.

home office desk decor
The desk decor from my One Desk, Three Different Ways: the Fashionista series. This is the look that most represents me. I love adding quotes and art to my desk.

Make your home office space personal.

Even though you work from home, you still want to add an item or two to define it as YOUR work space. Use decorative plaques that spell your first name or initials. Use mugs personalized with your name or favorite color. Drape your favorite throw on the back of your office chair. By personalizing your office space, you’ll always feel welcomed when it’s time to work.

blogger home office
My “Blogging Badass” pillow is always in my office chair. It’s another way that I personalize my office, showing who I am. From my blogger home office post.

Use a wall or desk calendar in your home office.

Calendars help you make yourself accountable for work that you need to do. Calendars also help you get organized and keep track of time you have (both for work and play). I know we all have our phone calendars, but having a physical, paper calendar at your desk can help you keep track of appointments and further plan your day/week/month.

color scheme // desk // chair // file cabinet // brain container // wall calendar
color scheme // desk // chair // file cabinet // brain container // wall calendar

How are you making the most of your small office area? Let me know in the comment section.

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