pink curtains that you don't like

Have you ever been bought or were gifted curtains that didn’t really work with your decor, but they were either too cheap or too nice to pass up?

My friend Gigi, of Gigi Gone Shopping, sent me these curtains with the hopes that I could use them for a client project. Since I’ve already gotten the curtains needed for my current design projects, I asked if she’d like me to style them for her in my apartment. These pink curtains aren’t really my style and wouldn’t go with the direction I’m taking my decor in, but I love styling pieces that are unconventional for me.

pink curtains that you don't like

pink curtains that you don't like

pink curtains that you don't like

I enjoy working with pieces that I wouldn’t normally choose, like when client’s have pieces in their homes that I have to work around. These pink curtains are a really tough shade of pink to work with. It’s closer to red than the fun and girly shades of pink we often see in the cute offices and apartments on Pinterest.

To isolate the curtains for these photos, I chose to put the curtains in an empty corner of my bedroom. I paired the curtains with my blue velvet chair from World Market and mirrored side table. I expected to grab a throw that had shades of pink in it (just to bring in pink on the chair), but the colors already worked together. A throw wasn’t needed.

There were two gorgeous art prints from my DIY Special Edition Gallery Art sheets from Hobby Lobby that I framed and hung. These two pieces of art brought some pink onto the walls, that help suggest that the color scheme of this room is blue and pink. As with any room or vignette, layering furnishings makes a huge difference between a good and great space. So, I layered my black/ivory dotted pillow with my $25 black lamp from TJMaxx, a salt lamp, and a terrarium.

Three ways to make any curtains work with your current decor

***These can also work with any other decor: furniture, rug, art, etc.

  • Repeat the color in the room somewhere. I like to repeat a color at least 3 times in a room. This could be done in the pillows, curtains, rug, accessories, wall color, and art. If I wanted to really make the curtains look like they were purposely chosen for the room, I could have repeated a similar shade of pink in a large canvas art piece (because I love oversized art) and with one or two throw pillows in a similar shade.
  • Repeat the style in the room somewhere. This tropical floral pattern in the curtains are an easy style/theme to repeat in the room. Think oversized florals, bright colors, and pineapples. I could have also went with some tropical inspired art (like beach art photography), palm tree plants, and a tropical color scheme.
  • Repeat the exact pattern in the room. Gigi also sent me a matching pillow to the curtains that aren’t shown in the pic. It was a bit too much “matchy-matchy” for this small corner, but ideally, you could use that pillow in a larger space to repeat that pattern/color in the room. This pillow could be used on a sofa, bed, or a favorite chair.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box when it comes to decor. When you find something for your home that you love or were gifted, you may be scared to bring it home, because you don’t know how it’ll work with what you currently own. Follow the tips above to make your new piece blend seamlessly.

Have you ever had to work with curtains in your home that didn’t match the style/color scheme of your room? Or, anything else that you didn’t think would work with the rest of your decor? Let me know in the comment section.
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