I don’t share too many of my work-in-progress design projects, but I promise to get better at it, starting with this living room.

eclectic living room

My client wanted to treat herself to a living room transformation, but didn’t know where to start. She hired me to give her a bit of direction, but the project turned into one where they’ll be a complete change.

Here’s a few before photos:

before living room before living room before living room before living room

I’m so excited about this project! As you can see from the photos, my client was packing away the stuff in her living room to get ready for her transformation.

Initially, we were decorating around her leather Lay-Z Boy sofa and chair, but I convinced her to start totally fresh, so we’re getting a new sofa, a comfy ottoman, and a gorgeous recliner.

The sofa is being fabricated and is scheduled to arrive at the end of the month. We’ll have the installation soon after. Here’s another look at the plan:

eclectic living room

Some of the items will be a bit different, like the lamps, ottoman, and the sofa (just a bit different) to give a slightly eclectic, mismatched feel, but you’ll see them soon enough.  The pillows are handmade by me and available in my shop. The only piece that’s in her living room that we’re keeping – is the gorgeous bookcase with faux leather finish. What you aren’t seeing is her extensive art collection that I’ll frame, plus the accessorizing that I’ll be doing to pull the entire space together. For my full-service design clients, I don’t usually show them any accessories (except pillows – which I usually make), I like to surprise them at the install. Once I’ve gotten a good grasp on their design style, I’m pretty good at picking out the perfect accessories.

Because my client’s living room is so small, I knew we needed to go with regularly-scaled furniture. We didn’t want any massive pieces of furniture (like the leather chair and sofa that she currently has) that would make the room feel even smaller. My client wants some glam accents, but not “over-the-top” glam, so I chose furniture with nailhead trim, this gold mirrorblack & gold studded pillows, and will be getting some luxe accessories. I’m also going to add lots of some color, especially shades of orange and amber (which I’ll surprise you guys with later).

The zebra canvas art was a piece that my client loved while out shopping. I told her it would be perfect in her living room, so she grabbed it.

I’ll share more on the choices I made in the reveal post. Just know it’ll look amazing once all put together!

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