I’m so excited to show you guys my latest transformation into a gorgeous, bright, eclectic guest bathroom, so I’m just going to jump right in!

eclectic guest bathroom

At Home and Pfister Faucets partnered with me to transform my mom’s guest bathroom. We changed the fixtures, painted the walls and cabinet, and added some fun accessories.

Here’s what my mom’s bathroom looked like before:

eclectic guest bathroom

And, after A LOT of elbow grease, here’s what it looks like now:

eclectic guest bathroom

We painted the walls Glidden Whitecliff Beige, which may look a bit similar to the paint before, but in person the colors are totally different. The new color is warmer and brighter, and instantly made the room feel fresher – even before changing anything else.

We also changed the toilet and countertop and by this point the bathroom looked and felt BRAND NEW. The cabinet is the same, just painted with my favorite black paint color: Limousine Leather by Behr Marquee.

eclectic guest bathroom eclectic guest bathroom eclectic guest bathroom This bathroom is the guest bath right off the room that is now my studio/office (I moved it from my dining room in my apartment). This bathroom gets a lot of traffic, so I knew this makeover would be a fun treat for my entire family.

Before, the bathroom was very bland, old, and dated. Now, it’s bright and fresh, with fun accents.

Pfister sent me this beautiful faucet (Venturi – LF-048-VNKK) in brushed nickel with all the other bath accessories to match (all from the Venturi line: 24″ towel bar, towel ring, pivot paper holder, showerhead, and robe hooks). The entire Venturi line is really beautiful and extra sleek, plus they’re really easy to install. The faucet took me 10 minutes at most (not including the time it took to get the old one off) to install. 10 MINUTES!!!

eclectic guest bathroom eclectic guest bathroom

I spent a lot of time in At Home shopping for accents for the bathroom. They sent me a gift card to use for transforming the space and if you follow my IGstories, you probably saw how I was oooohing and ahhhing over just about everything in their store. I’m in LOVE with all the pieces I found, especially the cute canister trio that’s holding cotton balls, Q-tips, and cotton pads. Everything else came from At Home, except my vintage Miles Davis magazine page (with frame) or my ponytail palm plant with vase.

Also, notice that I even though I used brushed nickel bath accessories and faucet, I didn’t just stick to a nickel finish. I like to mix metals, so I used a stainless steel glam light fixture, pewter mirror, and threw in some shiny gold pieces, too!

eclectic guest bathroom eclectic guest bathroom eclectic guest bathroom

So, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section below!

Till next time,

17 comments on “Before and After: Bright, Eclectic Guest Bathroom”

  1. WDF man! LOL (Am I allowed to cuss here? Sigh! Sorry lol) I just pray I remember you when I move into my own spot, because I’m just gonna need you to come through and fix everything up. This is soooo good!

    Great job dear!

    ~ Sanaa

  2. Wow!! This is absolutely
    Gorgeous Whitney! I love the idea of mixing metals. This space has a whole new look.. I’m feeling super inspired and I will have to check out the faucet you used! And the mirror is gorgeous too! *heads to At Home*

  3. Wow Whitney! This is literally a completely different bathroom! I love it and I’m inspired to get my own bathroom together now. I’ll have to check out At Home for some accents the ones you picked up are nice!

    Great work!

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