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Planning for a New Wall Shelving System in my Living Room

living room pillows

living room pillows I know… I know…

Things change a lot around here.

And, with the new pillows I added to the shop, especially my copper Greek key ones (see above), I’m inspired more than ever to spruce up my apartment.

I want a totally new look. Specifically around my TV area. You probably saw me post about it on my Instagram (follow me at @whitneyjdecor).

I used the Rubbermaid wall shelving system previously to house my TV, components, and some extra books and accessories. But, it wasn’t enough storage. I have a whole lot of books in packed away that I couldn’t bring in my apartment, because I didn’t have enough space.


I love books and read A LOT, so I definitely want to be able to have quick access to them. I also want enough space for my fun trinkets, collectibles, and plants.

Here’s what my TV area looks like now and a sketch showing what I want it to look like:

before the rubbermaid wall shelving system

rubbermaid shelving wall

I’ll strip my dresser back to the original wood and use it as a buffet in my dining room area. I want to use most of this wall in my living room to house a much larger Rubbermaid wall shelving system than I had before, because they’re so customizable. I’ll do another tutorial of how I actually install the system, but I wanted you guys to see it from the “design” phase, too. I’ll keep you posted on the rest of the details, but if you want to jump in and install a simpler wall system, check out this tutorial from a system I designed for a fashion boutique.

Have you ever utilized your walls for storage? Tell me how in the comment section.

Till next time,

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2 Comments on Planning for a New Wall Shelving System in my Living Room

  1. Darnetha | ChippaSunshine
    August 6, 2016 at 5:17 am (12 months ago)

    I really like the mock-up of your new wall system. I think it’s gonna look amazing! By the way, your new pillows are fantastic!


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