If you follow me on Instagram (do that now, if you aren’t), you know I’ve been cooking up some fun projects for my apartment. I’m so excited to share my eclectic home tour for the #FABFALLFEST with some of my 7 blogging bffs.

I’m not one to really decorate for the seasons, and the only holiday that really gets me excited about decor is Christmas, but the #FABFALLFEST ladies and I wanted to share how our homes look this Fall season.

Let’s start with the dining room. I recently shared another one of my eclectic dining room projects; check that out here.

One thing about me when I’m decorating, I LOVE to bring in unexpected elements. I have a need decorate in over-scale pieces that wouldn’t traditionally be put in small spaces, like the large Betsy canvas art, lamp, and mirror you’ll see here.

I was able to switch my dresser and wall shelves between the dining room and living room and am so glad I did.

You remember Betsy? She used to live over my sofa, but is now sitting pretty over my dresser. I love it here and it’s such a fun, large accent to my small space.

I’m not big on seasonal decorating, but I do like to bring in Fall blooms. I went to my local grocery store and bought a few to put on my table. I love the rusty colors. This beautiful lamp is probably one of my favorite pieces in my apartment. It is such a large statement piece. 

Remember the before photo of this dresser that was in my living room? Well it turned out AMAZING. I’ll share more about how I painted it, more before and afters, and a DIY in a future post. I’ve been dreaming about using it for my bar area for a long time. So glad it finally got done.

eclectic dining room

This massive mirror came from At Home and was the perfect piece for this long blank wall. I love how the brown metal finish matches the brown wood arms of my new chairs (I’ll share more about the chairs next week). Plus, the mirror will do wonders in brightening this area of my apartment, since it’s across from my patio doors. The cowhide (faux) rug is a clearance RugsUSA find. It’s synthetic, not the real thing, but will be a good substitute until I find an authentic one that I love.

This wall in my dining room is officially going to be our vacation photo wall, starting with these beautiful glass prints from Fracture. These are so beautiful! The top two are from Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL in May and the bottom one is from our vacation in Gatlinsburg, TN last month. I seriously want to print all our photos on glass now.

Now, on to my living room. I love art, so I love collecting pieces that are unique, fun, and colorful. Bonus if it gives me the feels. You’ll see some pieces, but I still haven’t even hung up half of the art that I own.

My living room went through some changes, too. Like I mentioned earlier, I moved my wall shelves here from the dining room and really enjoy having a surface to put some of my books on. I plan to expand on this system so it’ll take up the entire wall, but for now, this will work well for my TV, media components, and the few books and mags that I’ve unpacked. Frames and vases are from At Home, which is like the superstore for decor. Seriously, it’s a massive place full of everything you need for your home!

My coffee table decor probably changes more than anything else in my apartment. Here’s where I get to have fun with my flowers, candles and air plants. I don’t always have this much stuff on a coffee table, but I was enjoying packing some stuff that reminds me of the Fall season: burnt orange, wood accents, and candles. The Vanilla & Cinnamon crackling candle smells amazing and the wood hand statue is so fun. It’s literally the way I fix my hand when I’m like, “AND???”. They both came from At Home.

Here’s a shot of the other side of my living room. I have so many favorite things here: the newly upholstered chair (more on that in a future post), Mongolian fur pillow, and my large fiddle leaf. The other pillows (and lots more) are from my shop.

I literally had a field day with this glass/gold mirror tray-turned-wall mirror on Instagram. It was too large to go on any of my tables, so I hung it on the wall with some hanging wire. I just can’t part with it. Even if it was to hang behind my tree.

I’ve missed having a gallery wall, because I love art and like to be surrounded by unique pieces. I have a couple pieces from one of my favorite artists, Lydell Martin, and a couple other originals, too. I don’t think a home is a home without art that speaks to the dwellers.

Another one of my faves here is this extra large Buddha statue. It’s so heavy, but beautiful. I’ve been thinking about giving it a bold color update. What do you think? What color do you think would serve it well?

So, that’s my home tour for the #FABFALLFEST with my small Fall decor updates. Make sure you go check out the other ladies’ blogs to see what their homes look like this Fall.

Thanks to At Home and Fracture for sponsoring this room tour by supplying product. As always, all opinions are mine.

So, I’d love to know what you think! Leave me a comment below.

Till next time,