If you have the space, your entryway are your first opportunity to wow your guests. I love a beautiful entryway and although I don’t have enough space in my small apartment, I still like to daydream about when I have my own foyer. I came up with 3 versatile designs for a foyer under $700 that anyone can implement.

Feel free to mix and match any of the styles below for a custom look for your own home! What I love most about these three looks is that they’re all neutral and can fit with any decor. The looks are complete as is, but feel free to add a chair or two (with Whitney J Decor pillows) or some more stylish accessories.

3 stylish entryways | modern glam entryway | fun & flirty entryway | global entryway

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So, you have a fun and flirty look that would make a bold statement as soon as you open the door. The mirror is such a beautiful statement piece. You can have some fun with the console by changing the knobs to something that fits your decorating style.

The modern glam look features chrome, glass, and mirrored finishes. You literally can pair any color(s) with this look.

Global interiors are my favorite. I love a room that looks to be one of a traveler, with pieces that have been collected over time. This is exactly what I thought about with the global-sophisticated look. The baskets can be used to hold beautiful textiles from your travels and the two glass shelves can be filled with fun trinkets.

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