diy faux leather dresser handles

I know I should have shared this hack a long time ago (especially when I revealed my dining room), but I have been working hard finishing up my last few projects of the year.

My gorgeous painted dresser is sitting in my dining room doing double duty as extra storage and as a mini bar.

On top of my dresser are all my bar essentials, which I’ll be updating throughout the holidays.

diy faux leather dresser handles

Inside the drawers are DVDs, XBox One games, electrical wires, office essentials, and some fabric samples. But, I didn’t have drawer handles, which means I had a very hard time getting these drawers open (I lost the old handles a long time ago). I couldn’t find any that I liked in the size that I needed, and always loved the leather look on dressers and consoles. So, I decided to make my own faux leather handles.

You guys know I only post easy DIY’s, so trust me, anybody can do this. Plus, it’s a cheap alternative to new handles and knobs.

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What you’ll need is faux leather fabric (about 1/4 yd at most), machine screws and nuts (you can use the ones that were attached to your old handles), scissors, and a screw driver. I used brass hardware and copper faux leather fabric.

First, cut your faux leather down to size. (I cut mine at 1.5″ deep x 8″ for the handle style and 1.5″ deep x 6″ for the pull style.) Then, make small holes at each side of the straps that you’ve cut out, 1/2″ away from the edge. For the pull style you want to first screw the strap right-side-down in the bottom hole, then flip the strap and screw the other side into the top hole. For the handle style straps, you simple screw each side of the strap into each hole.

My new faux leather handles look great, and now I can actually open up my drawers, LOL.

diy faux leather dresser handles

diy faux leather dresser handles

diy faux leather dresser handles

You can even try this DIY with real leather. Do you have an old sofa that you’re getting rid of? Save the leather for future DIYs, especially this one. You can take it a step furniture by stitching (with a sewing maching) a stitch line along the edge of the drawer straps, to make it look more tailored.
Do you like the faux leather drawer handles? Leave me a comment below.

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