I don’t do many tutorials here on the blog, but I’m like… it’s 2017! The year of doing lots of things I don’t usually do! Ya’ll with me?

And, just for fun, I’m going to take it up a notch by putting a video to this tutorial! Yes!! My very first official YouTube video (if you don’t count the 50 sec. one I did for my 10 Days to a More Organized Home Challenge).

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So, I’m gonna show you how I do my air plant gardens. Some people call them terrariums, but these aren’t technically terrariums, though. They’re really easy to make!


  • Green grassy moss
  • Gold spongy moss
  • Various rocks and stones
  • Assortment of air plants
  • Wide mouth glass jar

How To

There really is no right or wrong way to do these, but I like to start with my moss, then layer in my various rocks, then put my air plants in last. Once the air plants are in, I’ll play around with the arrangement and even move around some of the rocks until it all looks the way I want it to. I think most people like to put their rocks down first, then moss, and then the air plants. Do what you want!

Caring for your Air Plants

This is easy, too. To take care of my air plants, I simple dip them in water once a week, shake the water off the air plants, then put them back in the glass jar. I used to mist my air plants, but you have to do it a lot more often than you would if you dipped the plants. If you’d rather mist your air plants, take them all out of your jar, put them on a napkin and mist away. Shake off the excess water and put them back in the jar. You need to mist every other day. If you dip, you only have to do it once per week.

I’ve had air plant gardens all over my apartment: on my coffee table, ottoman, countertop, shelving, nightstands… literally everywhere, LOL. Basically, you want to put one wherever you need a bit of décor. The best part Is that this décor is eco-friendly and would be a fun, tiny friend for any other plants you have in your home.

So, have you used air plants before or will you make your own air plant garden? Leave me a comment and/or link to yours!

Till next time,