whitney j decor full service interior design services | new orleans interior designer | new orleans decorator | nola | eclectic decor | space planning | decorating | The Design Process: New Orleans Interior Design ServicesMy full-scale interior design services are available to residents in the within 100 miles of the New Orleans area. Working together will be great when expectations are clear on both sides of the table. I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about my design services, so I wanted to share in detail my design process.

I’m super excited when potential clients reach out to me. At the first email or the first call, I’m already dreaming of the collaboration and scheming ideas for your space. I go through several ideas in my head, thinking about new, beautiful furnishings that I might be able to use in your home. But, obviously, I can’t get started until we’ve chatted about the process, decide to work together, and then sign the Letter of Agreement.

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Here’s the process:


First, you’ll fill out my questionnaire (do that at the end of this post) and I’ll contact you to book and schedule your 2-hour design consultation. In this fast-paced consult, we’ll tour your home together while I listen to your desires of the space. I’ll take photos and some quick measurements for me to view once I’m back in my studio. We’ll discuss some ideas at the consult and I’ll leave you with some actionable steps you can take to start making updates if you decide not to move forward with my extensive design services. The two-hour consult is $175.


24-48 hours after our design consultation, I’ll send over a proposal for extensive design services for you to view and (hopefully) approve. There will be a flat fee rate proposed to complete your project and I’ll require at least 50% up front to get started.

Space Planning Phase

Here is one of my favorite parts of the design process. I’ll come up with 2-3 different room layouts to discover what type of furniture plan you want to go with. You’ll get to view my beautifully detailed drawings showing furniture placement, lighting placement, and room flow.

Design Phase

After you’ve approved a space plan layout, I’ll get to work on creating a beautiful, new room design. We’ll meet on-site to view the design plan together. Included in your design plan is a design board, wall elevations, final floor plan, 3D room layout, fabric, paint, and finish samples, and any extra detailed drawings (if applicable). You’ll also receive a project schedule. To move forward, both the design plan (with itemized cost sheet) and project schedule must be signed off on and a deposit must be secured.

Procurement & Project Management Phase

In this phase, we’ll begin purchasing all the furniture, furnishings, and lighting laid out previously. We’ll also begin any construction that we must bring contractors and subcontractors in on. I (or a member of my team) will be on-site to regularly check in on the progress and timely execution of the project(s).


This is always the clients’ favorite part of the process. Depending on how large of a project your home transformation is, your install can take one day or three days. Sometimes a project calls for us to do a partial install one day and come back in another week to finish up. When we get ready to start hanging art and accessorizing, we like to ask clients to leave their home for the day to be fully surprised for a “reveal”. After the reveal, we ask clients to sign off on a checklist that we initially created at the beginning of the process. This checklist is for quality control, to insure we’ve met all the needs our clients ask for.

Want to work with me? Find out more here or fill out the questionnaire to get started.