This post is gonna be all about the drool-worthy, dreamy, completely out-of-budget statement pieces that we love to look at, but will probably never own.

I know I can’t be the only one that loves a beautiful piece that you know your neighbor won’t have, right?

Statement pieces speak to your personality, whether the pieces are in a bold color, unusual style, and or crazy fun shape.

And, now that we’re in the process of buying a house (did you hear about it on Instagram?), obviously I’m being completely unrealistic when it comes to new furniture that I can bring to the new house. I mean, don’t you just love to hope for something you know you completely can’t have, to end up not being able to have it anyway? No? Oh, it’s just me?

Well, even though I’m usually always attracted to the most beautiful, most expensive statement pieces that I know I won’t be able to afford, I love to look at them.

So, I’m sharing some of these statement pieces for the home, that I’ve been straight drooling over.

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If you clicked any of the links above, you’re just as crazy as I am. It’s hard for me to pick any favorites, but the Ostrich Feather floor lamp is EVERYTHING. I would definitely save up for that. I can picture it in an glam foyer or next to a bomb chesterfield sofa.

I’m a die-hard zebra (and zebra print) fan, so having that zebra settee would literally make me soooooo happy. If you like zebra prints (or animal prints in general), too, check out the pillows in my shop.

And, that black and bronze stool is so cool. The unique pattern reminds me of a giraffe print. It’s perfect for ANY room. I would like two, please!

So, what are your favorite statement pieces that you love to dream of one day having? Send them to me on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll share some of my favorites!

Till next time,