**** Chesapeake Bay Candle sent me these candles for review, but as always when working with a brand, all statements are honest and are my own opinions. Thanks for supporting brands that keep this blog rolling! ****

I LOVE a home that smells good. I’m a candle hoarder and light candles all the time. I love fresh, highly fragrant scents as soon as I wake up (when I’m cleaning), and a soft, floral scent a couple hours before I go to bed.

So, since I burn candles often, I obviously like to use a natural wax, like soy. I used to make and sell candles a long time ago, so I have a lot of experience with different waxes, scents, and formulas.

chesapeake bay candle | living room decor | candle decor

Chesapeake Bay Candle sent me four highly scented soy candles in beautiful containers to review. Being a designer, and lover of fancy packaging, I love when a product’s container can be reused for cute storage. Once I’ve finished burning these candles, I’ll clean the jars and use them to plant succulents and other plants. I’ve already tried taking the clear package labels off and they were coming off easily with no residue.

Since 1994 Chesapeake Bay Candle has been providing nature-inspired fragrances in stylish packaging. The candles that they sent all came from their Heritage Collection which embraces the essence of the Bay, providing soothing, energizing, and refreshing scents. The packaging also reflects the coastal theme.

All but one of the candles came in a frosted white glass jar with beautiful wood lid (with a cute twine loop attached). The Bay Cottage coffee table candle made the perfect accent to the tray on my ottoman. It’s the one I’ve been burning the most and has excellent scent throw (the distance the scent can be smelled from the flame). My apartment is pretty small, but I can smell the fresh air and cotton scent throughout. It’s one of those scents that are perfect for an all-day clean smell. The jar notes that it burns for 34 hours. I’ll get there soon enough, because I’ve been burning it for at least 4 hours (at different times) a day for the last few days.

chesapeake bay candle | living room decor | candle decor

chesapeake bay candle | living room decor | candle decor

Okay, call me crazy, but the Cypress & Oak large jar candle is going to make the perfect jar for a small cactus, but I’m gonna miss this smell. It reminds me of Christmas and is one of my favorite smells. I’ll describe the smell as the scent of lavender planted at the bed of all the trees of an evergreen forest. It’s not a super strong scent, so I can burn it for a long time without getting overwhelmed by it and can smell it throughout the entire apartment. It has a 80hr burn time.

chesapeake bay candle | living room decor | candle decor

The Wild Lemongrass candle also comes in the gorgeous frosted glass jar and the scent is AMAZING! I love the fresh minty lemon smell and the scent throw is good, too, even though it’s a small candle. It’s such a vibrant scent that can be burned all day. I’ve been burning it while cleaning and love the way it smells. It has a 20hr burn time.

chesapeake bay candle | living room decor | candle decor

The double wick White Gardenia candle is the one that I’d burn a few hours before bed. It has the floral notes that I love with a hint of vanilla, amber, and patchouli. It’s poured in an industrial galvanized tin that’s super cute. I love the oval shape! I only burned it a few times, but when I do, I put it at the corner of my living room, because I don’t like heavy scents when I’m settling down to sleep.

chesapeake bay candle | living room decor | candle decor

I like them all, but I’d say the White Gardenia is my least favorite (I would only burn it every now and then) and the White Lemongrass and Bay Cottage are the ones I love most. I expect to be refilling on those two real soon.

Make sure you try the Chesapeake Bay Candle for their beautiful and highly scented candles. There’s a whole lot more to choose from, too!

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So, are you a candle hoarder like me? What’s your favorite scent?

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