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Do you live in New Orleans?

Want to work with me, but have been saving up for my design fee? What if I told you that you can work with me for FREE???

I’m working on a web series and want to work with you!

I’m selecting a few projects to show from start to finish via still shots and video for a new web series.

Apply below to have me come over for FREE to transform your room into one of your dreams, through DIY projects, upholstery, paint, and accessorizing. You must have a budget for any new furnishings, fabrics, paint, and tradesmen that are needed to complete your space.

This offer applies to residents in or near the New Orleans area with a budget of at least $2000. Kitchens and bathrooms are excluded. I’ll select from applicants to choose the projects that best fit my new web series. I’m only selecting 5 rooms to transform.

For my web series, I’ll be sharing before, after, progress shots and video, along with my design plan. To transform your room, I’ll work with you extensively, sharing floor plans, elevations, 3D or hand-rendered drawings, fabrics, and design boards. We’ll have lots of fun and afterwards, you’ll get to be surprised with a beautiful room!

Apply below!!