January 30, 2018

Organizing a Craft Room / Home Office #4DAYSOFORGANIZING

Hey y’all! Today, I’m sharing how I’m organizing a craft room / home office in my home for the #4daysoforganizing with some of my favorite blogging friends. If you’re new here and visiting from Carli at Fearfully & Wonderfully Made, welcome! I hope leave here inspired to get organized!

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

My new home office/craft room is in one of our spare bedrooms in our home. It’s a pretty spacious area and recently I’ve been able to finally come up with a setup and some basic organizing processes to keep me sane and productive, and the office open and tidy (for the most part).

My home office/craft room has to function as my home-based design business, my sewing room for my Etsy shop (luxe pillows), and also for crafting. I need functional storage for fabric bolts, fabric samples, fabric books, wallpaper books, wallpaper samples, office supplies, lots and lots of sewing supplies, a Cricut, and random craft supplies.

That’s a lot to house in one room, right?

I’ll start with the basic component of my room: my wall shelving system.

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

I know, I know, you’ve probably heard about this system plenty of times already, but I swear by it and similar systems. I’ve installed this system three different times in three different rooms  (see it here in my old apartment and here in my mom’s spare bedroom) and I swear the functionality gets better and better. And, I installed a similar system to house books and tchotchkes recently in my living room (see it here, here, and here on Instagram) and in the past as a media center in my old apartment.

My wall shelving system has slide-out baskets on the left side to hold and separate loose wallpaper and fabric samples, there’s a “floating” desk in the middle, and the right side has drawers and shelves for office supplies and stuff related to my design business. It’s still a work in progress, as I have some storage boxes on it’s way from Amazon to further organize my design projects and vendor accounts.

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

Now, let’s move onto how I store my fabric.

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

I have A LOT of fabric and every other day I have more coming in and out from orders from my Etsy shop and shipments from my vendors. I lean my fabric bolts against the wall in the corner behind my wall-mounted TV (which is so practical, since that space back there would otherwise be unusable). Someday soon, I’ll be adding another column of the wall system with mostly floor to ceiling drawers and then the fabric bolts will be put in the closet of my guest bedroom.

I store all my furs in this bench, which works double duty as extra seating. I’ll be recovering it one day, but it’s a great bench with lots of storage inside.

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

My closet houses the rest of my fabrics, which I keep folded in this cabinet I got from Wayfair. It works pretty well for my extra folded fabrics and the glass doors are perfect for keeping the dust and dog hair out (I have a husky – enough said), but lets me see exactly what’s in there without opening the doors.

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

The rest of my fabric is in these really cool plastic bins I got from Target. These work well for separating my fabrics by “orders in process” and also by “new pillows I want to add to the shop”. I have all the pillows cut out already and in order of receipt and usually have these bins sitting on the floor or my craft table to make it easy for me or my sister to grab the next order.

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

You’re probably wondering why I keep these orders at the top of the closet and not in the cabinet or out in the open? Well, I like the flexibility of having them tucked away at the end of the day and also ready for transport, in case I have to bring the bin to another seamstress to help get orders out. My sister sometimes sews her house, as well, so having the bin makes it easy for her to quickly grab the bin to bring home and then bring it back when she’s finished.

All of my crafting supplies are separated in these cubby bins. I have a separate bin for yarn, beading, glitter and glue, paper tools (like cutters and stick glue), paint and brushes, ribbons, and markers/colored pencils. Ideally, I’d like these to go in drawers connected to my wall shelves (that I mentioned earlier), but this system works for now.

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

My sewing area is my favorite part of the office, because I LOVE my craft table. It’s probably one of my favorite purchases ever. It’s a generous 36” deep, but is flexible enough to be closed down to 18” wide and opened up to 72” wide with the two table leaves opened. It’s a HUGE space saver. I can cut long lengths of fabric on it and it even has a really deep drawer under it that I use for holding our sewing machine cables, charges, and other random wires. It’s such a versatile table. If you want one, you can get it here.

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

I can stretch out lots of fabric books and wallpaper samples when I’m trying to find the perfect mix for a design project and also have more than enough room to lay out lots of supplies and tools when I’m crafting. It’s even big enough for me and my sister to both sew on it at the same time.

This rolling 12-drawer organizer was a great find as well and has been GAME CHANGING in helping me keep all my sewing stuff organized. I like to put small plastic bins inside each drawer to be able to pull out exactly what I need without having to worry about losing any little pieces. The drawers also easily come out, so that’s an option as well. In it are my scissors, needles, threads, zippers, fabric glues, sewing machine feet, and a bunch of other stuff that I need for sewing projects.

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

I plan on taking out some of the stuff from the drawers and putting them on my pegboard, but I’m still working on the arrangement and the exact pegboard accessories I need.

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

Lastly, I have my small 30” round table that usually holds my Cricut. I do a lot of my paper projects there, like make my WJD sleeves to ship out with orders. But, sometimes I move my Cricut from the table and pull out fabrics when I’m brainstorming other pillows to add to my shop.

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

organizing a craft room #4daysoforganizing

There’s a lot of work left to do in this office, like pull up the carpet, install the new wood floors, and finally finish my window shade, but I’ve been more productive in this space than ever before.

I hope you’ve been inspired and sparked some ideas for organizing a craft room / home office!

If you haven’t already checkout out Carli’s organization post, visit it here. She’s talking about organizing her sons’ bedrooms!

Tomorrow, we’re continuing the #4daysoforganizing hop with Ashley of The Handy Homegirl (sharing her little girl’s closet) and Andrea of Decorating Cents (sharing her linen closet). Make sure you check them out!


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What rooms are you working on organizing right now? Leave me a comment below!

Till next time,




14 comments so far.

14 responses to “Organizing a Craft Room / Home Office #4DAYSOFORGANIZING”

  1. Carli says:

    Wow Whitney! That craft beer able is amazing! I would love one of those! I am also so intrigued by your wall system I can see how useful it is for organization! You’ve got a great work space!

  2. Erin says:

    I love your shelving system. It’s so functional and looks great in your space.Your work space seems like the perfect creative space for you to get stuff done, especially on that large crafting table! I can only dream! lol.

    • Whitney says:

      Thank you, Erin! For some people, it’s too much open shelving space, but I like seeing where everything is at, LOL. My crafting table has been GAME CHANGING! It helps me be so much more productive.

  3. Nicole Patterson says:

    I love this !! I think you have finally convinced me that I need a wall system and a huge crafting table !!! You’re going to get me in so much trouble lol !!!

    • Whitney says:

      LOL, Nicole!! It would be great for all you do! You might want to do the drawers, instead of the exposed baskets, as your style seems to be more clean than mine. I’m definitely a hoarder when it comes to fabric and like to see my stash!

  4. Megan Walker says:

    I absolutely love this space! Such a wonderful place to be creative In and your tips for organizing were great.

  5. Ola | JadoreLeDecor says:

    I love how you’ve organized stations for various activities and your craft room. It’s a great space to let your imagination run wild.

    • Whitney says:

      OLA! Hey! I do have a lot of different stations, and sometimes it’s hard to keep it together in here, but I find that my most recent system helps me keep the room a lot more organized.

  6. That craft table is BOMB! I cannot believe it folds up so neat and small. You are one busy lady so having an organized space is essential to getting things done. Great job! I need to come over and learn how to sew ASAP. Haha. I’m so happy I could collaborate with you again! Talk soon!

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