The ugliest room in my home is my laundry room – EASILY. Which is funny, because I spend A LOT of time there.

Between the oogly mint green walls to the short, dated (AND BEIGE) toilet, my laundry room needs lots of work. I just finished doing an amazing stencil project on my entryway walls (see a peek below), then finished the kitchen hallway, so man… I’m tired. But, what better way to be motivated to start (and finish) a project, than by joining in on the One Room Challenge.

The One Room Challenge is a six-week series started and hosted by Linda of Calling it Home, where we transform a room from start to finish and reveal it at the end. Linda invites 20 participants as featured designers to post updates on Wednesdays, but anyone, anywhere, can join in as a guest participant and post their updates on Thursdays. I’ll be a guest participant, so make sure you jump back over here on those days! Plus, in additional to the weekly blog posts, I’ll also be doing a weekly vlog on the laundry room project, sharing behind-the-scenes updates while I’m working on the it.

You’ll see this week’s video below, but make sure you subscribe to my channel.

Also, check out two previous projects I linked up to the One Room Challenge – my kitchen and a client’s guest bedroom.

So… onto the laundry room.

Here’s what it looks like right now…

There’s a lot to do. Ugh! I wanna transform this room from a “utility room with a toilet” to a “luxe bathroom with laundry”. The plan is for the laundry room / bathroom to be glam, eclectic, and layered with accessories and art that reflect my collected style. I’m not sure exactly what paint color I wanna use on the ceiling, but I’m thinking either chartreuse, a deep pink, blue, or black. You’ll see some classic elements, like in the new vanity, some modern elements and also some vintage elements, as I plan to hit the thrift store for some frames for my art prints. I also need to figure out what I wanna do for organizing my cleaning supplies and laundry detergent. I’ll let you know what I decide next week.

Since this is both a laundry room AND a bathroom, I want it to be cute AND cozy, so expect to see little luxurious for guests to enjoy it here, as well.

Here’s my huge task list:

  • Scrape the ceiling
  • Paint the ceiling a fun color
  • Replace chandelier
  • Install gray, porcelain floors
  • Remove cabinet
  • Remove shelf
  • Remove utility sink and replace with a bathroom vanity
  • Install new mirror
  • Do stencil project on walls
  • Install a storage system on wall next to washer/dryer

As mentioned in the task list, I’m doing a stencil project on the walls. It’ll be bold and fun. I’ll share more on that next week, but check out the stencil project I did in my entryway:

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So good, right? I’ll reveal the entire space (it’s small), next week. As soon as I finally paint the front door. LOL.

So, come back next week to see the exact design I’m going with in my laundry room/bathroom. I’ll also get the new floors installed and scrape the ceiling.

It’s bad, I know, but I’m excited! What would you do in this laundry room/bathroom? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next time,