I’m so excited to share the design of my laundry room / guest bathroom for the One Room Challenge, but also a bit disappointed to share that I didn’t get much work done last week. I went on a mini vacation over the weekend and then hurt my back trying to move my washer out of the way. Then, I have a couple installs to prep for next week, so it’s been a struggle, y’all! LOL

I’m feeling a bit better now and will be able to share some updates once I get those installs out of the way.

For now, here’s the plan for the laundry room:

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mirror // vanity // stencil

As mentioned last week, I was so unsure of the “color” I wanted for the ceiling. I wanted something bold and fun, then thought about how much I love black and how I’ve never used it on a ceiling before. This is probably one of my more nervous decisions, since I know that it’ll probably make the space feel a bit more stout. But, since it’s a not a space that I have to actually “live” in, like our living room, bedroom, or my office, I don’t think I’d mind it. But, I definitely want to get the ceiling scraped and painted as soon as possible, in case I need to change the color. LOL.

I LOVE my Samsung washer and dryer already and they’re new – as we just bought them when we bought the house. So, obviously they’re staying. My dryer has steam capability, so I need to get it hooked up to the water line and also have to switch the dryer to the left of the washer, instead of the to the right (like it is now). This will help optimize the space better, since I’ll then be swinging the door open to the left of the room, instead of the right of the room, where everything else is. I hope all that made sense, HA!

I’m laughing at myself about the toilet situation, because I talked about how I hated that the toilet was beige – but the toilet is white. LOL. I didn’t notice that until that post went live. I guess I’m just used to seeing beige toilets in my other bathrooms. Wait, maybe I should go check to see if those toilets are actually beige. I apologize to you white toilet, for the defamation, but I’m still kicking you out… real soon.

The new vanity is so gorgeous! I finally took it out of the box and I couldn’t be happier. It looks even better in person and I CAN NOT wait to get it installed. I’m on the hunt for a vintage mirror similar to the the one above.

Lastly, the stencilled wall…. y’all it’s gonna be so amazing. Don’t expect to see the gold pattern as saturated as shown here, though. Because, I want the look to be a bit more subtle and softer. I love the art deco style, but don’t want it to be such a bold statement in the room. You’ll see what I mean why I post the sneak peeks in a couple weeks! I’ll also be sharing a video tutorial, so you can see how to stencil a wall yourself.

As far as accessorizing and art, I’ll be kinda pulling in things as I go, because it’s a small space and I have to be really particular about what I bring in. I’ll definitely be prioritizing function over beauty.

And, just for good measure, here’s a before photo again, but you can check out week 1’s post for the full tour and video:

Stay tuned for next week’s updates!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Till next time,