February 12, 2019

5 Ways to Elevate Your Home Decor in 2019

In 2019, we’re elevating our finances, careers, business, and love lives to make this year OUR BEST LIFE. So, why not do the same for your home decor? A beautiful, functional home has a positive effect on the moods of ourselves, our families, and our guests.

Here are 5 ways to elevate your home decor in 2019.

Bring in Some New Art

Art personalized to YOUR space is a game changer. Skip the cheap typography prints (unless it reps you and your feelings to the fullest) and invest in some bomb pieces that you LOVE.

A gallery wall can be a great idea if you like a lot of different pieces of art, but one large statement piece would work well on a blank wall or over a sofa, dresser, console, or whatever other piece of furniture needs a little something to bring it some style.

For help with hanging a gallery wall, check out this post.

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Paint Your Walls a Bold Color

Our home decor in 2019 is gonna be all about color, okay? If you like a neutral color scheme, that’s on you. But, if you want to set off a bold and different/unexpected look in your home, paint your wall a bold color! I can’t say enough how impactful an unexpected paint color can be in transforming a room.

Don’t just paint your walls any ole color for the sake of doing it, though, okay? Use a color that you love and try to be purposeful when mixing colors throughout a space. Your new wall color can be a softer color – like a mauve – or a more stand-out color – like a navy. You can choose to paint just one accent wall or you can do like I love to do and drench ALL the walls in that color.

For help with choosing a paint color, check out this post.

I love how my IG friend, Stacey of Design Addict Mom, updated her bedroom (below) with Pantone’s color of the year: ‘living coral’. It’s a beautiful color that is bold and pretty, while also being soft. If you wanna try this color, coral also looks really good with blue and/or red.

via Design Addict Mom

Get a Bigger Rug in Your Living Room

I have to say, I’m not a fan of those small rugs sitting in the middle of your seating area. I make an exception for the rugs with the odd shapes, like the cowhides and the sheepskin, but in general, you want at least the front legs of the furniture around the rug to sit on it.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but your living room rug is too small.

Too-small rugs make the room look choppy and unintentional. A rug should pull a room together, not chop it up.

A floating rug that your furniture doesn’t sit on can be okay if your room is really small and your furniture is against the wall, but a large room with a large seating area should have a large rug to accommodate it.

I’ll go more in depth with all this in a later post. And, of course if you don’t agree, just do what you want. No hate-mail, umkay?

If you watch my Instagram stories, you probably saw how I’ve been having a hard time trying to find the right rug for my living room. I bought a few cowhides from a local leather vendor for an AMAZING price and brought them to my living room to see which one would work. Like I mentioned above, I generally don’t mind having a cowhide float in the middle of a seating area, but my sectional is so big, I would have been so bothered with just one. My solution was to layer two!

Find Ways to Think Outside YOUR Box

Layering those two cowhide rugs lead me to my next way to elevate your home decor: find a way to think outside [YOUR] box.

I don’t mean reinvent the wheel. You can use examples of rooms you admire to be inspired to use a pattern, color, or style in a different way.

If you love a fabric that’s in a fashion fabric store, think about how you can use that fabric in your home some kind of way. Maybe that fabric is too thin to recover a chair cushion, but might work perfectly for accent pillows.

If you have a brick wall that you want to paint, you can find black, white, or gray painted brick walls on Pinterest all day everyday, but why not paint yours blue? Or, green? Or, whatever color you want.

Wallpaper a Wall

Ya’ll! Wallpaper is where it’s at! I’m not one to jump on trends, but wallpaper is trending heavily in the design world. (I’m not saying it went out of style, but it was just hiding out in the more mature homes, while the rest of us were buying all that cheap, disposable furniture that’s falling apart on us now. But, I digress.)

This ain’t your grandma’s wallpaper. These new wallpapers are much more fitted to the updated design world and aren’t gonna be so painstaking to remove when your grandchildren inherit your house.

Here’s a look at the wallpaper in my laundry room:

That’s bold. I know!

I wanted something that made my guests’ jaws drop and it does just that! Yes, this is the same laundry room that I couldn’t finish for the One Room Challenge. It’s also the same laundry room with the gold art deco wall stenciling that took me forever to paint, lol.

Here’s another wallpaper that we recently had installed for a master bathroom project that I’m working on:

Before, the room had white walls, which was fine. Boring, but fine. Now, this wallpaper gives the room so much style and color. It’ll be hard for anyone to see this room and not think my clients are fun. Who puts green and blue BOLD chinoiserie wallpaper on ALL the walls of a master bathroom? Someone that is fun and isn’t afraid of pattern. To see behind the scenes of this project (and more), check out my Design I and Design II highlights on my Instagram profile.

So, tell me… how are you planning to elevate your home decor in 2019? I hope you’re inspired!

Till next time,

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5 responses to “5 Ways to Elevate Your Home Decor in 2019”

  1. Samjah says:

    Girl I’m sick of you! Just when I think my spot is looking good here you come with more stuff I have to do! Now I have to think of a wall color and get some more art lol. I think art is going to be my first priority though. I just love art and what it says about the owner. Thanks for sharing these tips girl!

  2. Darcel says:

    Excellent post! Gave me a lot of good ideas.

  3. Hello Whitney. I found your post very helpful to decorate my home and I am going to apply your tricks. Wallpaper on the wall is great advice it never came in my mind earlier. Thank you for sharing.
    Sarah Alexandra recently posted…How to Make Your Home More Eco-FriendlyMy Profile

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