5 Quick Ways to Add Color to Your Bathroom

Neutral color schemes can look great, but walking into a bright, colorful bathroom can be a real refresher when you walk in. Colorful spaces make you happier. So, what’s usually the first room you go to when waking up? Your bathroom, right? So, if the first room you visit is bright and colorful, you’ll get boosted early into a happy mood.


Here’s simple ways to bring color in your bathroom:

Buy Colorful Towels

Your bath towels and bathrugs are a very inexpensive way to bring in color. The best part is that you can find so many different kinds and styles at most stores. My favorite place to buy them from are Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond, because you get a variety of colors and styles at many different price points.

5 quick ways to add color to your bathroom
via Home & Garden Design Ideas

Install a Colorful Shower Curtain

A shower curtain is a very inexpensive way to bring in color. I love to have two different ones that can be changed out every couple of weeks or so. It’s a fun way to switch it up for guests, or for yourself and your household. Just make sure that they both match the color scheme of the bathroom. (Unless you want to change up the entire color scheme every couple of weeks).

add a colorful shower curtain to add color to a bathroom
via Pottery Barn

Paint your Wall

Paint may definitely be the biggest way to make an impact in a space. Paint is also pretty budget friendly and easy to do with some careful planning.

paint your bathrooms walls to add more color
via Better Homes & Gardens

Add Colorful Artwork

I love to see colorful artwork in a bathroom, especially a small one (it just seems so much cooler with art)! Bathrooms are a great way to bring in bold art pieces, especially if they’re fun and colorful. Guests love to get surprised by a cool piece of artwork!

add colorful art in the bathroom to bring in more color
via the amazing design firm, Katie Curtis Design

Bring in Some Plants

Plants are a great way to bring in more color. You can choose to go with an all green plant or choose some flowers in your favorite color or one that matches your bathroom’s color scheme.

add colorful plants to add color to a bathroom
via Jazzy Living

What do you think of these ways to bring in pops of color to a bathroom? Do you prefer a more subdued color scheme for your bathroom? Be sure to drop a comment and let me know!

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Common Living Room Furniture Arrangements…

In order to have a comfortable, functional living room, your furniture arrangement needs to be carefully planned. You may want to place furniture where you think it looks good, but it’s important that each piece is placed so that arrangement helps make the space more functional. For example, if your living room is used for watching TV, then your seating area should be placed to face the screen. If the main function of your living room is for conversation, then furniture should be placed in groupings to facilitate communication and maximize interaction.

Also, the furniture arrangement may need to accommodate free movement or circulation from one room to another.

Here’s the most common furniture arrangements used in living rooms:

  • Parallel Arrangement: great for emphasizing a focal point, like a TV or fireplace. I really like this arrangement because it’s open on two sides for people to move through. This arrangement is also great for conversation, because the furniture pieces face each other. Great for minimalist living rooms!


  • L-shaped Arrangement: When two seating pieces are placed at right angles to each other. The L shape could be formed with two sofas, two chairs and a table, or as simple as a small chair placed at a right angle to a sofa. A L-shaped sectional can also be considered a “furniture arrangement”. Because of the angle of the arrangement, some people consider this layout even more comfortable for conversation than the parallel arrangement. Great for small rooms!!


  • U-shaped Arrangement: an extension of the L-shaped arrangment and can be formed by adding additional seating, like a chair, sofa, or loveseat to the L. Great for large spaces!
  • Box-shaped Arrangment: formed by adding additional furniture pieces to the U-shape arrangement to partially close the opening. I believe this is the best way to maximize conversation among users, because it’s both a combination of the parallel and L-shaped arrangements and provides loads of seating for extended guests or big families. The downside to this arrangment is that it is less open than the other arrangements. Great for big families or large living rooms!

So what furniture arrangement works best for you and why? What layout is currently in your living room? Be sure to drop a comment and let me know!

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A Feminine, Modern Glamorous Nursery Design Board

I could get with a cute, themed-baby nursery, but personally, I’m more drawn to a baby’s room that’s more sophisticated. I would prefer a room that features neutral colors and furniture that is adult-friendly and grows with the child. When I have my own kids, I would definitely be looking for furniture that could be moved from my child’s nursery to another room when I want to refresh a space. This design board features items that are just that.

The crib chosen is convertible and all the furniture and accessories can grow with a child and can even be moved into another room, like your living room. The paint is a neutral color and the chandelier would look great in a luxurious bathroom or dining space.

In this glamorous nursery design board, I’m mixing a lot of patterns, but many resemble each other with a sort-of trellis design.

The color scheme is gray, pink, and taupe, with small pops of mint green…

modern glamour baby nursery moodboard 8 10 11 / 12 13 / 14

So tell me, what do you think of this moodboard? Do you like the themed nurseries? Or would you rather a more neutral space that can grow with your child?

Till next time,


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Aqua and Yellow Bedroom Design Board Inspired by a Manatee

manatee inspired bedroom design board
National Geographic

I subscribe to the National Geographic mostly because I love learning about what goes on around the globe, but also because they always have the most amazing photos. In one of the newsletters they sent me, I fell in love with this photo of a manatee. The color scheme is calming, cool, and even bright (the beaming sun in the background). I knew I would use the same colors in a bedroom design.

bedroom design
1. Ceiling Lamp2. Behr Paint – Pebble Stone 3. Behr Paint – Chickadee 4. Behr Paint – Innocence 5. Yellow Geometric Pillow 6. Gray Geometric Pillow 7. Framed Art 8. Framed Art 9. Striped Ombre Pillow 10. Headboard 11. Pintuck Duvet Cover & Shams 12. 4″ Urchin 13. Lamp 14. Nightstand
15. Yellow Marrakesh Trellis Rug16. Three Leaf Vase 17. Three Leaf Bowl 18. Dresser 19. Chair
20. Side Table

I wanted to add yellow for contrast and to make the space more fun. Grays, whites, silver, and aqua blue are the colors prominent in the National Geographic photo and really are the perfect colors for a bedroom.

What’s your favorite part of this bedroom design board? Drop a comment and let me know!

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How to Make a Space Look Bigger – Small Space Decorating Tricks

A lot of homes are suffering from lack of space, and it’s hard to make extra space when you can’t build onto your house or knock down walls.

When you can’t literally create extra space, then you show try and trick the eye into feeling like there’s more space than there is. Here’s some small space decorating tricks to make your home appear larger…

Leave windows bare or install curtains that are close in color to the wall.

By having curtains the same color of the wall, the eye isn’t distracted by the curtains, therefore making the wall look larger (even though it’s broken up by a window). Larger walls make a room appear bigger.


small space decorating tricks
via Better Homes & Gardens


small space decorating tips
via Better Homes and Gardens


Make sure your rooms can multitask.

Your living room (or bedroom) can also house your home office; your home office can also be your guest bedroom. By having a sofa bed in your living room, you can move over a few pieces and make it easier to accommodate guests that are spending a night or two.


small space decorating tips
via Dayka Robinson Designs


small space decorating tips
via HGTV


Use correct scale furniture.

If you have a large room, you can fit that huge eight-person sectional, but if your space is limited, try going with a smaller sectional or three person sofa. A small-scale living chair (or two) can provide extra seating and will also balance the sofa AND anchor the living space in the room.


small space decorating tips
via HGTV


Use light colors.

One of the best tricks when decorating a small space is to use light colors on the wall. Apartment dwellers don’t have to be too quick to change the walls from white, because color can be added in the furniture and textiles. If you’re adamant on a paint “color”, then go with a light color; this way the space will feel more open. It’s fine to go bold with your wall color, but stray away from really deep, dark colors, like black and dark blues, browns, and purples. If you go this route, a good way to make the space feel more open is to bring in lots of white (or light-colored) furniture, accents, and accessories.

Avoid too many different colors and patterns.

When decorating a small space, it’s always good to pick a color scheme and stick to it. I suggest three colors at the most. Have a wall color (1 color), your sofa color (another color), and an accent color (color number 3). Your pillows, rugs, and accessories can be a mixture of all three. Too many more colors in a small space and the room can look too busy. Busy-looking rooms feel small and cluttered. Also, make sure to keep the amount of different patterns down to a minimum. A bunch of different kinds of patterns can be distracting. When in doubt, stick to 2-4 patterns and make sure it’s a mixture of large scale, medium scale, and small scale patterns.

Use mirrors.

Mirrors create depth and bounce light around a room, making it appear larger. I always suggest getting at least one floor mirror that’s at least five foot tall. If you don’t have the room for one to sit on the floor, hang a large mirror on the wall or do a gallery wall of mirrors (creates depth and visual interest). Just make sure to plan what’s being reflected in these mirrors; you don’t want to create a reflection on an area that doesn’t look good.

Other tips for small spaces:

  • Provide good lighting; a well lit space feels bigger.
  • Make good use of vertical lines; it makes a room feel taller. Place curtains at the ceiling and make sure they hit the floor. Other ways include using a tall bookshelf and/or hanging artwork high.
  • The opposite works with horizontal lines; to make a room appear wider, use horizontal lines on the walls.
  • You don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but try to keep the visual contrast down in your small space; you don’t want to have your guests (or yourself) to have too much to take in. This effect in a small space can be overwhelming, especially after being there for long periods of time.
  • Open up your curtains (and windows); Natural light and air can bring freshness and comfort into a small space.
  • Have and store portable furniture (tables and chairs) for when guests come over.
  • Hide clutter; clutter makes a small room seem much smaller.

So, do you have your own tips for making  a room feel larger? Are any of the tips above your tried and true favorite! Drop me a comment!

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